Friday, July 29, 2011

Citrus Berry Terrine

A recipe that clearly states it will take 2 hours to chill and then another 4 hours to not typically a FF recipe that you start at DINNER TIME on the designated Friday.  But such was the week.  After traveling last weekend for fun and then off for the entire week for business, "better late than never" was the attitude du jour.  And the payoff was worth it ~

Per Tricia ~

My family loves fruit and Jello, and with the
 continued excessive heat we have had - this week's
recipe was much anticipated. 

 It was a simple addition of fruits to
 plain gelatin, though I did wish I had gotten the
 canned citrus or even the pre-sliced jarred variety. 
It had been a long day (week :) and somehow the act of
 cutting up pink grapefruit seemed like it took longer
 than it should have.  As in "forever".......

But what a beauty. 

 The gelatin behaved exactly as Dorie suggested
 it would (but of course !) and by the time I added
 all the beautiful fresh fruit the dish looked amazing.
  Leave it to Dorie to elevate what  I might only have
served at home into something "company worthy".

This recipe was as pretty as it was tasty.
  I am so excited to add such a simply and delicious
dish to my summer arsenal.  Even if I won't be serving
 it to Nana (she is not a fan of gelatin, or berries....)

My husband was also pleased that this
 week's "clean up" involved significantly less pots :)
 Oh, what they do for Dorie food.

And when in Rome - or at least Baltimore - I made
 sure to stop at the famous "Lexington Market" as I headed
 out of town today.  Opened in 1782, it is 229 years old and
 still going strong.  There are over 140 vendors and it was
 an amazing culinary adventure.  Since I had to hurry home
 to make a terrine, I focused on the crab cakes and cookies -
both of which I had learned I HAD to get before leaving town. 

The crab cake shop I aimed for was Faidley's and
the bakery - Berger's.  I got the "house specialty" in both
and hit the road -air conditioning running full blast
 to keep it all safe.   Mission accomplished.

I made sure to share with Nana and she reported back
that the crabcakes were indeed the best she has ever
 tasted and the cookies were amazing.  Now I have
 to get her to try the terrine...........

Per Nana~

Tricia was on her own this week as I took a pass on
 making the berry terrine.  I'm not too big on berries,
other then strawberries, and I can not
tolerate gelatin of any kind.

I will, however, post the recipe for the Nutella
 pie that was pictured in last week's post.  Anne
 of "Cocoa and Quinoa" had asked about it, and
now that I know my  #2 grandson liked it,
I will gladly do so.   


1   8oz package cream cheese
1   cup Nutella spread
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 large Cool Whip  (8 oz)
1 graham cracker or chocolate prepared crust

Cream together cream cheese, sugar and Nutella.

Add 1/2 half of cool whip and pour into shell.

Top pie with other half of cool whip and chill until firm.

I sprinkled cocoa over the pie, but I'm sure some shaved chocolate would be nice.


  1. Love the heart-shaped mold! And, a sweet Nutella pie? I'll take a slice!

  2. Tricia, the heart-shaped terrine is just gorgeous! I am so very impressed that you did all this on Friday evening and made it in time to post. Great job! The Lexington Market sounds like a fascinating place. Nana, thank you so much for posting your Nutella pie recipe. I can't wait to make it!

  3. What a pretty mold, and your terrine looks like it came out perfectly! Happy to hear that you were able to squeeze this one in.

  4. Aren't those kind of weeks just fun? Glad you were able to get your hands on some Berger cookies. MMMMMM
    Love the mold on the terrine. Very whimsical.

  5. I love that you chose a mold a bit different from the classic terrine shape! : )
    looking forward to keeping up on your FFWD with you two! I have just started (and have many recipes to catch up on!) and having great fun checking out other participants blogs!

  6. This looks so refreshing and pretty! And the nutella pie...yum!

  7. Love the heart shape, Tricia. I love Lexington Market. Haven't been there in years. There's nothing like crab cakes from Maryland, is there?

  8. Tricia - the terrine was gorgeous! The heart shaped mold is adorable. I've been doing the 'better late than never' thing a little to much this summer with FFwD. Nana, thanks for sharing the Nutella pie. I need to try the cream cheese/nutella combo soon!

  9. What an adorable heart mold!! Perfect for this refreshing dessert. But I am distracted....Lexington Market!! And Bergers Cookies! Those cookies are to die for~~

  10. Love the heart mold! Great idea. I'd love to try those cookies some time. And Nana, what's not to love about Nutella pie?