Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salmon & Tomatoes En Papillote

Nana and I are on week 2 of a lovely vacation on Martha's Vineyard. We originally intended to post last week but took one look at the kitchen of our rental and agreed that we were not risking any deposit on beets.  Way too much white ! 

But salmon is another story - especially when visiting
 a fishing community.  We enjoyed visiting the picturesque
 town of Menemsha and purchasing our fresh salmon
 from one of the adorable little fish markets. 

Menemsha is a gorgeous little fishing village
with an active marina, beautiful beach and little
 fish shops where folks not only purchase "to go"....
but also buy prepared food which they
 promptly sit and enjoy. 

The sunsets are perhaps the best part of this location
 since the beach faces Vineyard Sound, which allows you to 
see the sun setting over the horizon of water.
  The gentle waves here are as though you are on a lake,
 as opposed to the typical crashing
 waves on the ocean side of the island. 
It just makes everything taste a little bit better. 
 Not that this salmon needed any help......

Per Nana and Tricia-

This was as easy as we anticipated. 
Chop a few choice ingredients and make packets in
tin foil to be baked at high temperature. 

Most of the ingredients we bought fresh from
the local market here and even found some
 organic red scallions that werebeautiful and
 added a nice additional color to the dish.

So easy, yet Nana and I had not
prepared salmon this way before. 

But we will be again. 
 We especially like the idea of preparing this all in
 advance when you have company coming - and
simply being able to bake it quickly. 
As usual, Dorie made a great Friday even better ~

PS:  Instead of enjoying Dorie's beets last Friday,
we indulged in fresh lobster rolls from the
weekly fundraiser at the Grace Church
 of Vineyard Haven. 
 Not French, but definitely wonderful ~


  1. Your salmon looks perfect! I, too, opted out of the beet monstrosity. The lobster rolls you had instead were a much better choice!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard but never had the opportunity. Thanks for allowing me to holiday vicariously through you! It's such a beautiful place where you're at and the fresh produce is just delightful. I really like those red scallions, never came across any before!

  3. How fun - I love The Cape and The Vineyard! We just came back from the Outer Banks and there is something about ocean living...
    Looks great.

  4. I wanna be where you're at!! That's just gorgeous... lucky ladies! :)

    The meal was so good... I loved it... I wish I had made more. :)

  5. What a gorgeous place to enjoy your wonderful dinner! Have fun on your vacation! I love the Cape and Martha's vineyard…haven't been there in several years but it's so lovely!

  6. Lovely photos! I love cooking while on vacation. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Oh wow! What a wonderful vacation. I could almost taste that lobster roll. Your fish looks scrumptious and it must have been amazing, especially since all your ingredients were local.

  8. How fun to buy your salmon while on vacation in a fishing town! And what a wonderful way to enjoy it. Hope you had a great vacation!

  9. It sounds like you're in the perfect place to make this dish! I love using this cooking method. I'm glad you've discovered it, too.

  10. What great photos and what a perfect spot to be making such a carefree fish dish! Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Tricia, I finally went to DC. I went to Eastern Market and had a snack at Paul Bakery. I also did a ton of other touring, which I posted about. Thanks for the travel advice.