Friday, April 8, 2011

Garlicky Crumb-Coated Broccoli

This week's recipe had Nana revisiting a combination she had enjoyed using on many occasions, and me wondering why I hadn't made veggies this way before.  This was simply outstanding.  "Back to basics", but better.

Per Nana :

This week's recipe was a snap.

I loved the flavor of the lemon zest with the
parsley added to the toasted breadcrumbs.

It was delicious and I served it as a side dish
 with sauteed chicken livers in a light sauce over rice.

This recipe is similiar to one I make with
the stalks of swiss chard.  I cut the chard into
small pieces (about an inch) and cook in
boiling water until tender.  The breadcrumbs
are toasted in a little EVOO, with red pepper flakes
 and garlic.  I add the chard and toss. 
The tops of the chard are cooked in a smidge of olive oil
 until wilted, with red pepper flakes also.
  Italian style veggie cooking.

Per Tricia:

I can't stop raving about this combo. 
We eat broccoli often in our house, yet this very simple
combination of flavors knocked it out of the park. 
I teased my husband that it turned broccoli into
 BBQ'd potato chips....the florets became so flavorful
and with such a wonderful contrast of textures, it
 was hard to stop eating them ! 
 My whole family went nuts.

While I have enjoyed many recipes from French Fridays,
I think it safe to say that the combination of "on hand"
 items and amazing flavor will probably have me
 revisiting this recipe the most. 

Also, it was funny because I have not made Swiss chard
 like Nana does in a very long time.  I have loved her chard
since I was little (and had no idea what I was eating). 
It was just some stuff that had breadcrumbs and peppers on it.
  What's not to love ?  As soon as the  bread crumbs hit
 the garlic/butter this week....I had an amazingly
 strong recognition.   Nana's chard recipe
 - but easy and with broccoli !


  1. Both your dishes look great! I also love this new way of jazzing up veggies. Can't wait to try it on other veggies!

  2. You guys are too funny!
    I am getting a very amusing image of a "broccoli throwdown" :-)

  3. Glad you both enjoyed this one! The Swiss Chard sounds like something I need to try. Now that we've been healthy the past few weeks, bring on those eclairs ;-)

  4. Nana, I've never tried swiss chard, but since I started blogging I've seen many recipes for it, and yours may be the one that convinces me to give it a try.
    Tricia, I know what you mean about ingredients on hand. It makes a Dorie recipe so much easier when you don't have to make a special shopping trip.

  5. I wish I had used time. This does not seem to be the best time of year for broccoli spears, not as good as I'd hoped. But, your dish looks really good.

  6. Thanks for sharing your chard recipe/method, Nana! I need to make sure to look out for some to try it. I've giggle so much over the BBQ potato chips comparison - I think I found my way to BBQ-chip so many veggies now!

  7. What great stories, you two!! Nana, I've already taken notes on your chard. I have some in the refrigerator that I got in a produce basket, and now I know what I'm going to do!!!

    Glad you liked this - so did I. An easy way to dress up vegetables.

  8. Enjoyed both your write ups this week :) It seems this one was a hit across the board!

  9. A huge hit everywhere! Who would have thought broccoli would get such rave reviews everywhere!!

  10. I loved this broccoli dish but the idea of using olive oil, garlc, red pepper flakes and bread crumbs with swiss chard is an excellent one too. That would be great served over pasta with Parmesan cheese;-) Isn't it great when we find a recipe that makes veggies taste so good;-)

  11. I love swiss chard. My mom makes a fabulous lemony lentil soup with swiss chard in it. So lovely to that your family is close by, too.

  12. This looks absolutely delicious! I'm definitely going to have to go back and make this after reading the rave reviews. Nana, thanks for the idea on making Swiss Chard! I've never made that before but that sounds so good. I know my husband would love it especially with the red pepper flakes-- I'm going to try it soon! Loved both of your takes on this dish this week.

    Also, thanks for your nice compliment on the brownies. I'm glad you all enjoyed them. Have a great weekend!

  13. I love to read both of your experiences every Friday :) like Nana, I used EVOO instead of butter.

  14. Nana, what a creative way to use the Swiss chard stalks. I usually save them for stock or throw them away, but I'll try making them with the garlic crumbs next time.

    Tricia, I think I'll make this dish again too. It's so easy; I think it's perfect for quick, last-minute dinners.

  15. Glad this was a hit with everyone! Your pictures make it look so good. The chard version sounds wonderful too.

  16. Thanks for posting about the Swiss Chard - sounds great! Will definitely try it. We really loved this broccoli :)

  17. Your broccoli looks lovely. I like the idea of using red peppers - I think that would be good with the broccoli!

  18. Both dishes look wonderful. I love the idea of doing this with swiss chard. I am so glad you both liked these as much as we did. Just couldn't stop eating them! :)

  19. Glad you both enjoyed. The chard sounds like a great recipe too!

  20. This one was a winner with everyone! It was addictive, wasn't it?

  21. Finally you both liked a recipe in the same week! Nana, your Swiss chard sounds like another good vegetable recipe to try.

  22. This looks SO good right now. Love that it's healthy and a little crunchy! I am starving right I think I'm going to go see if I have any brocoli in the house!!

    ~ Elizabeth