Friday, April 22, 2011

Mustard Batons

These were deemed "lovely" additions to both of our cooking arsenals.  While we will have more than enough sweets with the Easter Holiday this week, we typically enjoy savory treats more often.  Not to mention that a good "nibbly" to go with a nice glass of wine is pretty well at the top of our list.  This recipe delivers on all counts.  Unbelieveably easy, impressive looking results, amazing taste and flexibility for ingredients and toppings to keep us trying this one over and over. Which we definitely will....

Per Tricia:

Nana told me that these would be easy and she
 was right on target. With the exception of the puff pastry,
the other ingredients are ones we always have on hand.

  In fact, I was delighted to break out my collection of "Maille"
 mustard procured in person during a trip to Paris. 
My folks have made a habit of stopping in the Maille shop
each time they would visit Paris and they would bring us
 home the traditional crock. We would tease about the
 store's policy of refilling these crocks, and say that we had
 to go back since we were "out of mustard".  The last time
Nana and I visited, I brought home several different
 flavored mustards and they are perfect for this recipe.

I decided to work with the "Au Bleu" for the
 first try of this recipe and it was truly amazing. 
 I used sesame seeds on some batons and caraway
seeds on others.  Only my older son was home to test
 this recipe and he easily agreed to, stating that he was
always available to try "Dorie Food". 
 He declared them "amazing". 

He also said that while he originally suggested no
 caraway seeds in the future (they remind him
 a bit too much of mice - enough said) it turns
 out that he liked the flavor of the caraway much
 better. I agree.  I also think that having them on
 a lovely cheese plate could be a wonderful
"mouse and cheese" themed treat :)

Per Nana:

This is a fun recipe to make.
After I divided the first sheet of puff pastry, I spread
 a different type of mustard on each piece.  I separated
each half into about 8 strips and brushed them with the
 egg wash and topped with poppy seed. 

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to refrigerate
the second sheet of puff pastry while I worked on the
 first one.  I eventually had to roll it out to the proper
 size for batons.On this second group I decided to try
 using some Red Pepper Spread from Trader Joe's,
 which is very good.  I sprinkled grated Pecorino Romano
 on top and folded the dough.  On one half I used the
 poppy seeds and on the other I used some garlic powder. 

 Both tasted pretty good but I think I added way
 too much Pepper Spread.  I am very pleased
with all of the batons, however I do think the mustard
was the best choice all around. 

 I will definitely do these again.


  1. Both of your batons look scrumptious!

  2. Tricia - They look great, and caraway seeds are a neat idea.
    Nana- It is fun that you tried two different flavors.

  3. Everything looks great! I overstuffed mine a bit too with the tapenade. I have the Au Bleu mustard also and have been making salad dressing with yummy! I used my Maille Apricot & Curry mustard for these. Love the sesame seeds and the poppy seeds...they make both of your batons look so sophisticated!

  4. Oh, did you have to put the mental image of mice & caraway seeds in my head. I won't be able to get that one out of my head for a while :-)

    Love the use of the different mustards. I am serving these tonight for a dinner & may just have to switch it up from the grainy dijon I have been making these with.

    Have a great Easter, ladies!

  5. Yum! Both of you made delicious looking batons!

  6. Tricia, you done good..... I enjoyed them. I especially love the comment
    of mice???? while reading your blog.

  7. Well now you know that you must always have a box of puff pastry on hand. Always. Its required. Now you now. :) So glad you both loved these!

  8. Nice job, Nana and Tricia. I love caraway seeds (though now I'll have to try NOT to think of mice). I can imagine how tasty they would be on top of these batons. I'll try that next time. Glad this was a success.

  9. wow, all of the variations sound amazing! wish I had been smart enough to think of caraway seeds

  10. I am so envious of all of you who have specialty mustards you've brought back from France! I need one of those crocks! Someone else tried a red pepper spread and that does sound really tasty. Nicely done.

  11. Nice variety. I love your mustard collection. Always enjoy your posts and I had a good laugh about the mice...reminds me of my boys...they can't help it.

  12. Nicely done! I like that you used a variety of fillings.

  13. All your versions look so beautiful! This is another infinitely variable recipe from Dorie. I'm also envious of all your Parisian mustards. I think I'll have to suggest to my parents that they amend their travel habits!

  14. Reading what your son said of the taste of caraway, I started to wonder what mice tasted like? Haha... I'm a bit envious of your mustard stash as I only have one type in a squeezy bottle, and definitely not from France! I also love Nana's baton variations...that red pepper spread looks ah-mazing!

  15. I love using ingredients I've bought while on holidays! Makes it somehow more fun and special! And Nana, I love red peppers! There can never be too much for me!
    Both your photos look great!

  16. Had to laugh at your son's comment about caraway seeds...I will never look at them the same way again! Both of you did a beautiful the filling options, too~

  17. This is an amazing Dorie recipe that I will make again for a dinner party. I see you had the oozing out the side problem too, actually not a bad problem to have, yum-just more to enjoy;-)
    Your batons look beautiful and I love all the different jars of mustard. I think I should go to France, maybe Dijon to add to my mustard stash,lol;-)

  18. Both of you did a fabulous job on your batons! I am so envious that you were able to use mustard that you purchased in Paris, Tricia. :) It not only must have tasted so very good, but also brought back lovely memories for you. I am going to get some of that Red Pepper spread the next time I go to Trader Joe's, Nana. I know my husband would really like that. Great post, you two!

  19. I love your mustard collection! I always love reading your posts!!

  20. Oh I want those with the pepper spread!! now! :) I was actually thinking about how that would taste because I make Ajvar, which is a red pepper spread all the time...and it's fantastic. I'm glad it worked out for you so that now I can give it a try. :)

  21. Hey - you guys have to post about that Easter Pie that Nana has going. I have food envy! I am going to try making a leg of lamb for the first time ever tomorrow (I have never cooked any kind of lamb, let alone a big hunk like that). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  22. Both of your baton batches look perfect! I wanted to try sesame seeds next time but never would have thought of caraway. Thanks for trying that! And the red pepper spread, too. Both great ideas.

  23. These look so delicious, in all their variations! I have made these before so I skipped out on them this week, but I wish I hadn't. I love how you have all the little Maille mustard crocks.

  24. How fun that you got to use the mustards from that awesome sampler! Love the presentation in the tall glass container - great shout-out to the picture in the book. I'm sorry about skipping this week but will find an excuse to make these.

  25. Both of your versions look delicious! Tricia - we have the same countertops!

  26. I've always loved two for the price of one deals :-). This is my first visit to your site and I've been exploring and poking through your earlier entries. I really like the food and recipes you feature here and I'll definitely be back. All your batons look wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary