Friday, February 11, 2011

Orange-Almond Tart

This week's results are easy: we both LOVED it !!!!

Per Nana:
There is only one word to describe this recipe     WOW!

This recipe will be added to Nana's patisserie tart collection.

I shopped around for the almond flour and could not find it anywhere, not even at Wegman's.   So, I searched  our favorite mail order website, KING ARTHUR FLOUR in Vermont and " voila. "   They have just about everything needed for baking that you could possible want.   Oh, and their scone mixes and popovers are fantastic too.

I made the pastry in the food processor using Dorie's pate sablee recipe  and chilled it overnight.  

Separating the orange segments was time consuming, but they turned out well.  I think I might try Mandarin oranges next time too. 

I had prepared the shell, almond cream, and the oranges on Saturday.  I wanted the tart to be our special dessert for our Super bowl party.  Hopefully, we will won't be too stuffed after the nachos and wings. 

Who am I kidding, there is always room for dessert.

Tricia's comments on Nana's results: 
While we had a lot of  wonderful treats at Nana's house for the SuperBowl, I could not get over this cake.  It looked wonderful but I was unsure about the oranges.  Nana is considered the  "Tart Queen" around here and makes many flavors, shapes and sizes for our families to enjoy during the warmer months.  She even has a lovely wicker basket with handle that perfectly fits her larger tart pans and she used to send tart "care packages" over to my home.  That said, I was BLOWN AWAY when I tasted this dessert.  I literally kept making "mmmmmm" noises as I tasted it and Nana teased that I must like it.  Love it.  My whole family did, though I can easily attest to having more than my fair share of this one.  My favorite part was that it tasted like the Breton cake that Nana often makes, yet was actually an improvement in that having a smaller portion of the dense pastry layer and adding the almond cream and fruit truly seemed to make the Breton pastry all the more appreciated.  Never thought Breton cake could be improved- what a delightful surprise. LOVED it.

Per Tricia:
Once again, Nana saved the day by getting me in line with the ingredients.  I was sick all week but had the motivation of tasting Nana's cake on Sunday I knew I had to "med up" and get this one on the table for my family :)

Note from the photo above, I even used the opportunity to use my "egg separator".  Yes, the item you look at in the gourmet store and ask yourself "who buys this "??  And you would be right - you don't need one.  But if you did buy one, you try to at least remember to use it on such special occasions ;)

 My pie weights were at the ready as well, but after a week of disorganization I learned that I had an egg separator but no tin foil for the pre bake !  Luckily I had frozen my crust so the weights were not needed.

I also got the benefit of reading the P&Q's this week, along with Nana's own advice and opted for the Mandarin oranges from the can.  They are so plump that I still worried about their juiciness, even after having them dry for hours.  When I added them to the tart I decided to err on the conservative side, just in case they did end up retaining too much juice.

I can't rave enough about this recipe.  I adored it.  I will absolutely look forward to making it again and to trying other versions.  The pear option is on my short list.

PS- I did post a late update to last week's recipe.  I finally caught up and made the Basque Potato Tortilla.  What you don't see in that post is the two I made afterward, using up the Costco ham and the shredded Swiss.  I added the Swiss when I broiled the dish and it is ridiculously good.  Even my kids went nuts.  This will be a well loved recipe in our home.


  1. Very nice! Isn't King Arthur the best? I totally blame them for my addiction to flour and my love of bread baking :-)

  2. Really pretty with the mandarins.

  3. Beautiful tarts! I love King Arthur too. I want to do this one again using pears.

  4. Both versions looks so pretty! Mine wasn't very attractive, but it tasted good.

  5. I had the same tin foil problem! I had to run to the store and buy some. Using mandarin oranges is a great time-saving idea; I didn't even think of that. Both versions look yummy.

  6. Oh this is so pretty--I also really want a square tart pan! Thanks for the info re: the mandarins. I actually considered them (the time I decided to do the pear one), but was worried that they still had the membranes on them, even with the canning and all. Brava to both of you!

  7. Wow, Tricia - thank you so much for the compliment! I love the square tart - I've been wanting one of those pans for a while now. Your tarts look lovely!

  8. I lovee shopping at KAF too , though i am yet to try their almond flour:-)
    Oh i think using the canned m oranges is so wonderful and ur tarts, both the tarts by both of u, sure do look fantastic!
    I have 2 egg separators ,one is kuhn rikon ,used jus once , didn work that time , yeah we dont need it, jus a something cute and i love cute in the!
    Urs is v pretty though , where did u pick it?
    The pear option sure is in my shortlist too:-)
    happy weekend!

  9. I love your square tart pan, too...must put one on my wish list! Your mandarin tart looks perfect...and so delicious! Thanks for your sweet comment on my'll love the pear one!

  10. I love that you and your mom are cooking together…how wonderful to share something you both enjoy! Both of your tarts look so delicious and I also love your square tart pan. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will be visiting you often!

  11. Both of your tarts are so pretty. I especially love the square shape. The mandarin segments look so cute.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. The picture is of just two shelves of my cookbooks. I have over 20 shelves full. I'm addicted.

  12. They both look so pretty! I love KAF also both for shopping, and learning from their great blog.

  13. This looks delicious! I couldn't justify the price of the Almond flour so I just ground blanched almonds with my spice grinder. I have to say that for all the reading I did on people using mandarins, it never dawned on me that they were using canned oranges!! Yours looks so much lighter than mine!

  14. Both of you did a wonderful job! I like the square tart pan as well.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Beautiful tarts :) now I *need* a square mold for my next orange-almond tart!

  16. Hi! Thanks for the nice welcome to the group! I love your blog and enjoyed reading all about your baking experience of the tart! Yours turned out beautifully! I really can't wait to make it again because it was so delicious-- esp. that crust and filling. Looking forward to cooking along with you all!

  17. They look great and I love the mandarin oranges...they are so cute and petite...I think they're perfect for this tart and wished I had used them. I wish I lived near you guys...I could just go back and forth between Nana and Tricia's houses, eating to my heart's content!

  18. Both tarts look beautiful! Tricia, why didn't I think about the canned mandarins?! :)