Friday, February 4, 2011

Basque Potato Tortilla

This week's efforts could not have been more
 different - though this has nothing to do with the actual recipe. 
Nana had found the recipe several weeks back,
 and enjoyed cooking it ahead of time. 
 I left early on Sunday for a week of business travel and
any hopes of making this enticing and seemingly simple recipe
 vanished completely when I returned home after 10 pm on Friday night.....just in time to post Nana's results for the blog. 

I look forward to trying this recipe myself
and will update the post when I do.   ***
All was not completely lost due to the business travel,
since I was able to stop in NY and pick up much enjoyed
 Italian favorites (fresh mozzarellas, prosciutto bread, biscotti)
for our house and Nana's - so this Friday
 was more of an "Italian Friday with Dorie".

*** Update - yay !  I caught up and have posted my results at the bottom

Per Nana ~

This was a very easy and quick recipe to make. 

 I had planned to use up some extra potatoes by making my usual Italian dish of "potatoes and eggs", but when I saw this recipe in Dorie's cookbook....I thought I would give it a try.

This is the type of dish where you can use various items from your fridge, add some eggs and you can't go wrong !

                           It is also such a pleasure to cook with my Swiss
                                   Diamond fry pan because it goes right
                                           into the oven for a frittata.

                                                        Good luck with yours........

Per Tricia ~

I finally caught a break and was able to make this lovely
and simple dish.  I had grown up with Nana preparing
 "potatoes and eggs", as well as "peppers and eggs", so
 was interested to see if this would turn out any differently.     

                     I followed the recipe pretty closely, simply to see how the basic would turn out.  As is usual, the family kept
 coming into the kitchen to ask what I was making and raving
 about the aroma in the house. 
 That is by far my favorite part of the "French Friday's experience"
 (though the tastes are a close runner up:)      


Overall it was a success, as expected. 
It looks very brown because I flipped it out onto the platter so that the bottom is now the top, and simply left it that way. We wanted to eat and I knew I had a great photo of the finished product out of the oven above.  I will also cop to the fact that I like my eggs (well, all my food.....) pretty well done.

 I did like the way she had it prepared - I had not followed these
specific steps before and it was nice to have a "sure thing".
 I look forward to using the rest of my potatoes to try it again
 with other options and the family heartily agreed to my first
 thought of throwing in the leftover Costco ham and putting
 shredded Swiss on top. 

 Amazing how the leftovers in the fridge that no one
 is vying for suddenly take on a new value :)


  1. Very nice! Hmmm. Italian Friday with Dorie - like it.

  2. It does look wonderful! And it looks like the new pan worked perfectly!

  3. Your blog is so charming...I love seeing your two versions of everything in the same blog! Like a mini LYL for FFWD.

    I want to make this with the ham sometime!