Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jam Filled Sandwich Cookie ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana ~
This week's recipe reminds me of shortbread, but a lot sweeter. I did find the 
dough a bit difficult to work with but in the end it all came together beautifully.
Since I only had a 2-1/2" cookie cutter my yield was only 9 
cookies instead of the dozen or so that Dorie mentioned.
I filled a few with cherry jam and the rest of the cookies with marmalade. 
Both were delicious.  I added additional time to the baking (because
 of the size) but they turned out pretty good. 
Per Tricia ~
I am very much looking forward to baking in the COOLER weather 
(whenever it arrives...) but I managed to make these delicious cookies even 
though it was in the mid 80's in my kitchen.  I am a fan of jelly cookies,
 well truthfully - most cookies, and was curious to try this French version.    
I used delicious Michigan Damson Plum jam that my in-laws brought us. The cookies
 were so good I don't think it would not have mattered what I filled them with :) 
I do find working with the dough that has so much confectionary sugar in it 
to be more challenging, but the texture/flavor of the finished product is worth it. 
I added more cane sugar to the outside but next time will use confectioner's.
So while I will not likely be making these often, I am making a note to find
 my heart cookie cutters and plan to make a batch for Valentine's Day.

This marks another Tuesday recipe testing as we cook along with the "Tuesdays with Dorie" online group.  Please note that we do not post the recipes, per the group rules, but we do encourage others to RUN out and buy their own copy of Dorie Greenspan's "Baking Chez Moi".  Better yet, buy the book and JOIN THE GROUP ! www.TuesdaysWithDorie.wordpress.com


  1. These are right up my alley. I'm crazy for any jelly-filled dessert. So much to catch up on, once I have my household goods back!

  2. All of your cookies look great! I agree with you, Tricia, that these would be cookies to make during cooler weather!

  3. I love that Nana actually made sandwiches out of these! I'll try that next time! Both your batches look wonderful!

  4. All of your cookies look perfect! I love the idea of a tart marmalade filling with the sweet cookie.

  5. Your cookies look great. We are makeing these again.

  6. Tricia, these would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Both of your batches of cookies look so delicious! I enjoyed these ones too.

  7. You both ended up with beautiful cookies and I love your filling ideas. These cookies are such a nice vehicle for enjoying your favourite jam or marmalade, really. And Tricia, you're so right - these will make perfect Valentine treats.

  8. I am looking forward to cooler weather too. I love both of your jams Cherry and Plum, sounds wonderful. I like your idea of making these for Valentine's days.

  9. I made mine with a heart cutter! (round one has gone missing) And you're right - almost anything in the middle would be good. Although pepper jelly might be a challenge, LOL!

  10. I made mine with a heart cutter! (round one has gone missing) And you're right - almost anything in the middle would be good. Although pepper jelly might be a challenge, LOL!

  11. Perhaps your dough will be easier to work with when you both have a cooler kitchen. Ro, I like the size of your cookies. Now that's my idea of a cookie. Plum jam, Tricia, sounds good although I have a feeling you are making (or, have already made) some jam of your own. A friend gave me a jar of Wild Huckleberry Jam as a gift. I've been saving it to do for something special. These cookies are IT. Since our evenings get to the high 30s, coolness in the kitchen is not my problem. See you soon.

  12. There is nothing wrong with larger cookies. Ever.

    I hope you all are doing well and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  13. Nana, cherry jam and marmalade sound like wonderful choices for the filling. Tricia, a heart shaped version for Valentines Day sounds fun.