Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cherry Crumb Tart ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana ~
This week's selection for "Baking Chez Moi" is a delicious Cherry Crumb Tart. 
 I couldn't believe that the cherries were so gorgeous in the market just when
 I needed them. Hubby loves cherries so I knew he would love this tart. 
I prepared the sweet tart pastry and gave it a quick freeze 
while I pitted the cherries.  A messy job for sure.....

For the filling I substituted a package of almond flavored pie filling that 
was purchased on one of my travel adventures. It worked well with the
 fruit and had a delicious taste.  Almond filling is a favorite of mine. 
I made the streusel per the instructions but it did not get as 
clumpy as I had hoped, or as dark, but it was good all the same. 
We enjoyed the cherry tart although I personally picked out the fruit because it is 
not a favorite (hubby got the extra share) -  but the rest of the tart was delicious.
Per Tricia ~
No one should be surprised that I subbed out blackberries, the "gift 
that just keeps giving" from my yard, for cherries in this tart. 
While my family was simply pleased the results tasted great, 
I was delighted to find a new use for the berries...
Knowing how sweet Dorie's crust is I chose not to add sugar to the tart blackberries. 
 I took 3/4 of a pound and whirled them through the Cuisinart and then finished 
with last quarter pound 1/4 of the berries whole. After preparing the filling with 
almond flour I spread the berry paste on top and then put on the whole berries. 
As per the recipe, this was baked for about 40 minutes and then the streusel 
was added and it went back in for another 35. My husband kept raving about 
how delicious it was. Not sure we have ever met a recipe involving streusel that 
we didn't like -  the crumb topping really took this tart over the edge. 
My son said it was the best dessert he's had in a long time, proclaiming 
it "outstanding". Wow. My goal was simply use up some of the berries :)

 The "Baking Chez Moi" success story continues ~


  1. Tricia - your topping looks lovely - how did you get it to go so clumpy? Nana - I admire you for the cherry pitting, I was kind of glad they are not in season (by just a couple of weeks) here and I got to sub plums!

  2. Nana, I agree that the cherry pitting was messy, but the end result was worth it for your lovely tart. Tricia, the blackberry version also looks good - and if you are lucky enough to grow blackberries, why not!

  3. Can't quite decide which one I like better. The cherry and blueberry tarts are both mouth-watering and vibrant looking. You really make the fruits shine.

  4. Nana, the almond pie filling sounds like a delicious substitute for the frangipane and I love that you used the square tart pan. Beautiful! Lovely tart Tricia. I think the blackberries sound delicious and would have been a good foil for the sweet components.

  5. Nana kudos to you for making a tart with a fruit you do not like. The almond pudding sounds good, something I have not seen before. Tricia I am glad you found a use for your blackberries and it was a hit for the family. I think we will be making several more tarts and fruit dishes in BCM so you will have more opportunities next summer.

  6. What gorgeous pictures from both of you. Tricia, I am going to send this Post and, then, a copy of the recipe (I have Dorie's Chez Moi) to Melissa. You may be the blackberry queen in your part of the woods but she definitely ranks as the top princess in California. Lots of bushes, lots of berries, lots of scratches. I happen to love cherries but I buy them, I eat them right out of the paper bag, and they never get to the bake-a-tart stage. I made Dorie's Brown-Butter Peach Tourte this past week-end (which lasted ten minutes after it came out of the oven!) so I was thinking of all you Chez Moi gals as I worked through the recipe. Love job, ladies.

  7. Your tarts looks amazing! Nana, my streusel didn't clump up as much as I thought it would, either, but it still tasted great! Tricia, your blackberry tart sounds and looks absolutely delicious!

  8. Wow both of your tarts look spectacular! Nana, I love the idea of using an almond pudding as the filling…luscious!! We loved this tart, too! Tricia, when my blackberries come in, I will have to give this tart another try! I love the idea of a blackberry tart…yum! Great job, ladies!! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Ro!!

  9. Both tarts are gorgeous. I love the creativity on usingnan Almond filling, and the blackberries are just so luscious. I almost used them myself, but opted for plums instead.

  10. Nana--my filling didn't stay clumpy either, but baked together. Oh well, still good, as you said. Tricia--I was thinking that I would substitute blackberries here myself, but found some cherries and went with them. Blackberry will definitely be happening next time I make this because it looks awesome!

  11. Blackberries and cherries and almond filling, oh my! I so want to eat slices of those tarts, they look so yummy!

  12. Nice work ladies! Nana- I would gladly take any cherries off your hands! Tricia- your tart looks and sounds delish! I absolutely loved the topping - the orange and cardamon gave it such a wonderful flavor boost.

  13. Both your versions look beautiful! Nana, I would take the extra cherries any day. :) And Tricia, your stories of all the bounty at your new place reminds me of my parents' farm. All summer and into the fall, there would be processing days where we prepared fruit, juices, pies, and more for their three full-sized freezers. And that doesn't include all the fresh fruit and vegetables they shared with friends and family. It's wonderful, but it's a lot of work!

  14. Ladies, you both got amazing results! Tricia: I wished I had my own berry bounty. There is a rumor of raspberries in the neighborhood, but I haven't found them yet! Nana: I think the best kinds of relationships are food complementary. It's perfect for sharing at restaurants, and no one feels like they're getting a raw deal.

  15. Can you believe Bill does not like cherries OR blackberries??? I may need to crash both of your houses so I can get a delicious slice of each!

  16. Very nice - I am really going to have to try this with the tart shell sometime :-)
    Hope all is well with each of you! Don't you need a trip North for some blue-bottled sparkling water or something... (Hint)