Friday, June 19, 2015

The Grand Finale

Per Nana~
When Tricia signed us up for "French Fridays with Dorie", I knew nothing
 about the world of blogging. Four and a half years ago I had no idea what a
 blog was.I was skeptical about this - cooking and posting for other people to
 see my results. However, it didn't take me long to get in the swing of things 
and I have loved the experience it has brought me. 

Each week Tricia and I did our own cooking, sharing ideas and thoughts about the
 week's recipe and had a lot of laughs at our disasters.  A few times we even worked 
on a recipe together (really, how many eclairs does a family really need ?)
Many times we shared our results, especially when she was still living next door. 
Back then I knew if I made the full recipe there were plenty of taste testers to 
help me out. Once the boys left for college and Tricia moved away, I had to 
start cutting the recipes in half for the two of us. 

After our wonderful trip to Seattle, where we met so many Doristas face to face, 
we realized it was like meeting old friends.  A great time for all and I know we
 all felt the friendships immediately. As for meeting Dorie and her husband
 Michael,it was quite a thrill. They are so nice, so gracious and the both make 
you feel so very special. If you were fortunate enough to go to one of Dorie's 
book signings, Dorie remembered you and made you feel welcome.

These are the special moments that make us all Doristas.
This is a sad time for all, posting for the last time in FFWD, but I know we 
will continue to keep in touch and be friends. 
A special thank you to Mary and Betsy for all their hard work keeping this journey
 going. For Trevor, whose interesting blog is filled with humor, thank you for your 
work designing the Dorista tote bag, our diploma, etc- I am sending you a big hug.  
Thank you Alice, for your wonderful idea of a Christmas Card exchange, which is 
something that Jim and I look forward to each year.  To Laurie W. for organizing 
this whole project. And a thank you to all our Dorista friends, past and present, 
who have left comments, posted results and otherwise shared their lives as well as
 their recipe results with this group on French Fridays.
For my final recipe I decided to show my true French colors and
 prepare crepes, something I think would make my mother proud.

 They were delicious and I don't know why I don't make them more often. 
Yes, I do remember - they are fattening :)
Per Tricia~
I echo my mother's sentiments about our involvement and our gratitude.
She said it beautifully.
 One additional and key thank you that I must share is to send a huge 
to my Mother- for agreeing to go on this (and many other....) adventures, 
for always being game to try something new, for not being afraid to fail and
 even post pictures of a kitchen disaster on the internet. For agreeing to learn
 how to take photos and get them posted to a blog. For making sure I knew we 
had a "weird" ingredient coming up and either running reconnaissance to
 Wegman's or even ordering it weeks ahead of time from Amazon. 
For preparing perfect little blue tupperwares of "mise en place" for me when you 
know I likely did not have the ingredient, or the time, that week. For being patient 
when I explained "we'll be posting late tonight Mom -it's still Friday" on more
 than one occasion. For believing in the good of people, even when the "internet"
 gets such a bad wrap for establishing relationships. For being known as "Nana", 
with the greatest endearment, by so many people who are not her grandchildren. 

And for continuing to teach me discipline, perseverance and commitment by 
example - not just by word. I could not have done it without you and 
 on this fun little lark has turned into the adventure of a lifetime, filled with 
priceless memories that expanded to include family and friends. 
Thank you. 
And so I will end where I began. 
While I am the first to admit some of the recipes during this time have been a blur,
 I can still vividly recall our first recipe - Marie-Helene's Apple Cake.  Excited for
 this new adventure, we took a trip to our local "Sur la Table" to find the requisite 
8 inch springform kids buying school supplies for a new school year. 
 We have since learned that you make due with whatever is on hand and adapt
 accordingly. You see, we didn't just learn recipes. We learned to trust -  trust in
 ourselves, in others, and in the outcome being perfectly ok no matter what
 happened. The fact that the cake was so delicious gave us a lovely introduction 
to "Around My French Table" . While we don't publish the recipes as a rule,
 since this is one that Dorie has posted on the web I am happy to share it now. 
Just follow the link  below and enjoy ~

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Oh my goodness, I needed a tissue for that one. Love this farewell post.

    Nana - I admire you greatly. I have so enjoyed reading about your weekly adventures in the kitchen, hearing about your encounters with new ingredients and new techniques, and learning from your experiences. I've particularly enjoyed the times when you have posted one of your own recipes or ideas.

    Tricia - Your heartfelt post had me crying like a baby. I love reading your blog every week exactly because it showcases two unique views. I've often wished that I could convince some of my own far away family members to join in. But then, what's the point if they can't go shopping for me:-)

  2. Yes, this post is brilliant---spot on. I think you two have echoed all our feelings---the camaraderie of this group and that vibe of meeting an old friend when we all gathered in Seattle. It's been quite a wonderful adventure. Love you both.

  3. I love that you guys did this project together! I love cooking with both my mother and my daughter, too and it's really wonderful to share good food with people you love.

  4. My mother is the reason I cook but it is something we have not shared together in many a year. Each week as I read your posts I can't help but wonder if she and I will one day get back to that...using our dual enjoyment of cooking to stay connected with each other. I so have enjoyed coming here to see your ongoing connection to each other through food and this project. Its truly been a weekly highlight for me. Don't expect me to give it up now. XO, T.

  5. What a great post ladies! Nana, I love that FFWD brought you into the world of blogging and that you cooked along with Tricia all this time. Tricia, it really was like excitement at the start of a new year when we had to buy new equipment, new ingredients etc. It has been fab cooking along with you both, and I can't wait to see what you do next.

  6. This is fabulous. You are amazing ladies. Thanks for sharing. This rainy weekend will give me a ton of time to read your past posts :-)

  7. Tissues please! Nana you are my inspiration on how to live life, and I so admire you! Your posts always make me smile. It has been such a joy cooking along with you and Tricia!
    Tricia, How lucky are you to have your mom make this journey with you? Your eloquent words brought tears to my eyes! It has been an amazing adventure…but this is not good-bye! Till next time...Hugs to you both!

  8. You two have been a constant source of inspiration over the years. Thank YOU both for that. I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully meeting in real life sometime XOX

  9. Oh my! Your blog is one of the most charming ones I follow! I love that you two have been on this journey together, sharing your family, love of food, adventures in procurement :), and real-life adventures. A lot has happened over the last 4+ years! I'm so happy that you shared yourselves with us!!

    Nana, you have been such an enthusiastic participant! I always enjoy your take on things. Tricia, that was just beautiful.

    I'm hoping that I can get out your way with a little bit of time, so that I can meet you! I would so love to! I still need to work on my "map", but I'll be keeping track of you two in the mean time!!

  10. Nana, the crepes are fattening, but I can't think of a better way for you to close out our FFwD posts. I think there was a lot of love for our mothers, those ladies that taught us the ways of good food and gracious entertaining, in this conclusion to our first FFwD journey.

    And of course, Tricia, you laugh about my box of tissues at work but you (and Guyla and pretty much everyone after that) made me reach out for them in the first place. I know I have said this eleven hundred times, but what a blessing to have dear Nana join you in this adventure so actively, lovingly and patiently. (Mise en place tupperware? You are living the dream!)

    Here's to what's next for our group, ladies!

  11. I keep reading each post, and then I need to step away and gather myself before I can comment Your post is no exception, maybe, if fact, making me more emotional. I have always enjoyed your partnership in this project. When seeing you together, it filled my heart to see that you have such a great relationship away from the computer as well. You always have so much fun together! I look forward to following your future food adventures, and getting together again in Boston, Philly or somewhere surprising. It's been a treat to continue our friendship in real life. Keep in touch!

  12. Nana, how wonderful that you and Tricia got to share this experience together. I have always enjoyed reading your honest assessments of the recipes. Tricia I laughed at "the weird" ingredient. How many stores did I go to looking for du puy lentils or piment d'espelette? I'm sure I will meet up with both in NYC. You are a dynamic duo... it has been a pleasure.

  13. Nana. it not only has been a pleasure to read your blog, look at all your wonderful pictures but also to be able to share the most wonderful mother-daughter relationship that I know! Personally, I do not anyone like the two of you, you are unique, loving, caring and sharing - and I must add that it has always felt like an honor for me to be allowed to call you "Nana" - you are getting a special hug for that too!
    Tricia: you prepare all your food and your baked goods with such dedication, with so much love for details and you always have such an admirable sense of humor in all that you do - you and your mother are some of the most special people I have "met". Thank you for being part of my life!
    Hope to "see" a lot of you in the future,

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  15. Can one family really ever have enough eclairs? Just saying.

    That cake was my first recipe too -look how far we've come.

    It has been such a treat to connect with both of you. I fully expect to see more of you in the future.

    If all goes well with my whole house buying/ selling thing, I will be a mere 35 miles from Bennington. And I know where the Saratoga water is hidden. Please keep your fingers crossed for me - it's been a bit hairy.

    Loves and hugs to you both.

  16. Beautifully said, both of you! My mom and sister both enjoy cooking too, and we have fun sharing recipes and "talking food", so I can imagine how much fun you had doing this project together. Tricia, I love that you went full circle and remade your first recipe! Happy Cooking!

  17. To Nana Dear - I am reading and commenting separately on your posts - I love that you made crepes for your final recipe! How very French of you! Ro, it was a true pleasure meeting you in Seattle. You made me feel included and even kind of special. That is such a lovely trait to have and I am trying to cultivate it myself. You doing this project with your daughter is very special to me as I know you understand after reading my post. My mother wouldn't have tackled this project almost five years ago. Her energy and stamina simply weren't there. But she would have loved my participation and its a very special experience to do together and I'm sure the memories made will last forever. If you ever make it to Oklahoma, you would be very welcome at my house but I suspect it's more likely I will make it north. I mean who comes to Oklahoma? I hope you continue to blog with Tricia! I will miss you if you don't. Take care!

  18. To Tricia - It is so true that in the early days it was all rushing around to find the right pan/tool/ingredient and then somewhere along the way figuring out how to make recipes work with what we have or what our family likes. That's quite the accomplishment right there, isn't it? But that you and Nana cooked every recipe takes your accomplishment to a new level! Meeting you in Seattle was very special and I often think of your humility in telling me you didn't consider yourself a good cook:) I wonder if you still say that about yourself. I hope you will continue to blog whatever you and Nana are up to! I will miss you if you don't! If you get to Oklahoma, come see me; I will be in your area someday and I will look you up! Take care and cook well:)

  19. To both Tricia and Nana, yours is one blog that I kept up with from time-to-time while on hiatus. Both of your voices come out so perfectly here and I have loved following along with both of you. Nana--so true about those dang crepes being so fattening. HA! Tricia, I loved all the photos you posted and the love in your words for your mom. Hugs!

  20. I loved reading both of your posts, and admiring your relationship from afar. I hope to be as close to Charlotte when she's older. I'm so glad you're both doing BCM. We will have to keep in touch that way. Nana, I prefer to try to forget the fact that crepes are fattening :-) They sure are delicious.