Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Brownies ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana ~
This week's recipe for Chocolate Cherry Brownies is a winner in our house. 
The brownies were so moist and delicious, and the aroma was incredible. 
Looking through my stash of dried fruit the only thing I had on hand were 
cranberries and they worked just fine. I melted bittersweet chocolate with the 
butter and as I added each new ingredient the batter blended well together. 
I'm not a fan of dried fruit but Jim was in his glory with this recipe. 
Next time I am going to leave out the fruit and I know they will be just delicious plain. 

Per Tricia ~
These were extremely simple and a great update on the usual brownie recipe. 
Soak dried cherries in a bit of Port and water, then add to the brownie batter 
created in the recipe. My hubby loves cherry/chocolate combos so he could
 not wait until this dish was finished. 
Sadly, I somehow managed to mess up what is one of the simplest recipes I 
have made in a long time. Whether it was the early morning hour or the
 result of  "too many make-up recipe fatigue" (as we finish the "French 
Fridays with Dorie" recipes) my initial effort failed to include the flour. 
A minor detail. And no, you can not successfully add the flour once it 
has been in the oven ten minutes (though the results are still
 tasty and go well sprinkled on top of ice cream......)
A testament to how truly simple these are, I knocked out another batch when
I got home from work and the whole thing was done in about 35 minutes. 
Happy Hubby. 
This recipe is a keeper. 

This marks another Tuesday recipe testing as we cook along with the "Tuesdays with Dorie" online group.  Please note that we do not post the recipes, per the group rules, but we do encourage others to RUN out and buy their own copy of Dorie Greenspan's "Baking Chez Moi".  Better yet, buy the book and JOIN THE GROUP ! www.TuesdaysWithDorie.wordpress.com 


  1. These were one of my favorite Dorie recipes. Everyone in the house loved them! I love the idea of taking the first batch and using it as an ice cream topping!

  2. Chocolate ice cream crumbles! Yum! And I love how you guys do a double post -- it's great to see different versions in the same post!

  3. Tricia…been there…done that! He he! I love your save…what could be better than brownie crumbles over ice cream! Both of you did a great job! They both look perfectly wonderful! A winner in our neck of the woods, too! My grandkids loved them!

  4. Both your brownies look wonderful. They were good with the fruit but I think they'd be fantastic without. I love your creative use of the first batch Tricia.

  5. I can totally see how you did that because it was the last ingredient on the page! Glad you were able to salvage the good taste of these brownies! I think you're going to want to try these again someday!

  6. I think we've all forgotten to add critical ingredients at least once! It takes a lot of creativity to re-purpose our flubs!

  7. Tricia, you are so funny. I'm impressed that you were motivated enough to make these twice. I'm reasonably sure I would've just eaten the flourless ones with a spoon, and called it a day. Nana, I agree. These would be delicious without the fruit as well. It's really all about the chocolate.

  8. I agree this recipe is a keeper. Sorry to hear about your flour mishap. They do make flour-less cake so you were just making a different recipe:) Hope you get your graduate certificate soon.

  9. As with both of you, it was also my husband who was so excited for cherries in the brownies...I must say, tho, that I liked them, too.

  10. Sounds like this was quite the hit in your house. I'm really tempted to try this without the flour-sounds pretty perfect as an ice cream topping.

  11. These are delicious! And I'm sure they would be just as tasty without the cherries.

  12. As you two might have guessed, I had to bake part of my batch sans dried fruit---but the family loved those. My girlfriends ate the rest and raved about them. I think I messed up, too, Tricia, as mine didn't have the shiny top as so many others did, but the taste was just divine.