Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marquise au Chocolat - Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana ~
The selection for this week, Marquise au Chocolat, is such an impressive recipe. 
Simple to make, elegant, a perfect dessert which can be prepared ahead. 
 I think for a lovely dinner it could be sliced, returned to the freezer 
until needed, then decorated accordingly before serving. 

After reading all the chatter about eggs, to be safe, I decided to use pasteurized 
eggs. The only supermarket in our area that carried Davidson's (P) eggs was 
Shop Rite and since I knew that Tricia would need them also, I decided to get them. 

As with Dorie's other recipes that we have completed, this was not difficult to 
make, although I must admit, I had more dirty dishes and spatulas in the sink 
than ever.  Jim was very disappointed that it was going into the freezer 
overnight, but he thought it was well worth it when I finally served it. 
He could not stop raving about it. 

The only problem I found was trying to smooth the plastic wrap into the corners
 of the loaf pan. I would have preferred a more square effect rather than the
 rounded corners I ended up with. That said, it was delicious all the same.

Per Tricia ~
This book truly is phenomenal. 
We have genuinely enjoyed each recipe so far, it is simply a 
matter of flavors and difficulty level. This one was a snap. 

I even cut corners by microwaving the chocolate 
and butter rather than using a double boiler. 

The most challenging skill set involved (aside from finding the eggs which I 
did not have to worry about with "Nana's Delivery Service" ) the ability to Saran 
wrap set up properly in the pan and sadly, I could stand to improve a bit in 
this area. That said, it affected nothing but aesthetics. 

My husband was happy with this recipe before it hit the freezer, since he got to 
lick the bowl.  The frozen mousse is delicious and sweet without being too much. 

I especially like the idea that it simply goes back into the freezer, so there is not 
the guilt or issues of having too much dessert that is in danger of spoiling. 
Note that few desserts have that worry in my house, but the freezer at least
 makes a great hiding spot...sometimes for me, sometime from me :)
I plan to improve my molding/Saran wrap work and absolutely make this for 
company. It looks great when served, can be made ahead of time and played 
around with via toppings at the table- just like all fun desserts. 


  1. Both presentations are lovely and I think the loaves are beautiful as they are! I spent a lot of time smoothing out the wrinkles with a hot knife only to realize that once I'd sliced it, they wouldn't have been noticeable at all.

  2. You both did so very well with this - and I agree - it's amazing. I'll be making again very soon!

  3. It all looks so beautiful, your photos do it all proud!

  4. Beautiful presentations of a delicious chocolate dessert! I agree the plastic wrap was a bit tricky, I ended up clipping it to the sides of my loaf pan before I spooned in the mousse..that worked fairly well. Hope you both have a great week ahead ;)

  5. Ladies, Both of your Marquises look beautiful! The plastic wrap was really a pain to work with…I maneuvered it several times till I got it fairly straight! But was it ever delicious…I agree with Jim…definitely something to rave about!!

  6. The hardest part was waiting for it too freeze. We loved this one too. I am glad that you were able to find pasteurized eggs. Freezing leftovers is a plus too.

  7. Love both platings, especially Tricia's! Both are really beautiful looking!

  8. I love both your presentations-they look so elegant!

  9. So very pretty, they both are! It is difficult to get plastic wrap smooth, if not impossible.

  10. TWO stunning renditions! Yeah, we'll all have to brainstorm on how to get a smooth finish!

  11. They both look delicious ladies, but I understand the need to work on smoothing the plastic wrap. I plan on being more careful next time!

  12. Ladies, ypu both made handsome looking marquises. I think the Saran wrap patterns add to the charm.