Friday, January 16, 2015

Curried Mussels

Per Nana~
Even though mussels are not a favorite in our house the recipe looked
 so delicious that I could not pass it up.  So I substituted shrimp instead. 
I prepared only half the recipe and used a pound of shrimp. 
Unfortunately, cutting the recipe in half resulted in a small amount 
of sauce. I did not strain it but instead left all the wonderful flavors
 in there before adding the cream , and it was delicious. 
I served it with cooked rice but the next time I will prepare 
the full recipe to ensure it is not too dry for the rice.
That said, it was a fantastic dish and will definitely be repeated.
Per Tricia~
My guys are big fans of mussels -while I can't manage to get one down. 
More for them and since there are few things I don't eat, I see no reason 
to push the point :) But using curry to flavor them was a new one for us. 
My taste testers reported that from the aroma they thought the curry 
flavor would be very strong, but luckily it was not. It was definitely there, 
but not at all overpowering.  And they really liked the cream sauce that 
was added at the end. I look forward to circling back on this one with 
shrimp next time so I can enjoy it too !


  1. Wow, both of your dishes look fabulous! We enjoyed the mussels…Bill is a big fan…but no curry! This one was a winner for sure! Glad you both enjoyed your versions! Happy Friday ladies!
    Tricia…enjoy your meet up with Betsy!

  2. Nana - that shrimp version sounds lovely. The sauce really is quite tasty so I imagine that it would pair well. I also wonder if you wouldn't need to add a bit more liquid if you do not use mussels, because I notice that my mussles always give up quite a bit of liquid themselves when cooked and that really adds to the sauce. Maybe a dash of fish stock?

    Tricia - Very nice of you to make this dish for your taste testers. They have been pretty good sports with all these recipes so I'd say that they fully deserved it:-) I was also shocked by how much I loved the curry sauce. I didn't think that I would love the curry flavor, but actually it gave just the right amount of kick.

  3. Welcome back to both of you and I'm glad you're feeling better! Nana, the shrimp look great and thanks for the heads up that the sauce isn't enough when halved! Tricia, yours looks beautiful and I'm glad your tasters enjoyed it! Enjoy your meetup with Betsy!

  4. Italian-Americans that don't like mussels...thats new to me. I am truly in the minority because we love mussels and curry and I had to add more curry because there wasn't enough. Well, we are done with mussels so you can all sign relief.

  5. I would have loved to try both your recipes---I'm thinking the shrimp might win out, but both look wonderful!

  6. Glad you are both feeling better! The mussels and shrimp look terrific, will have to try it with shrimp.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Both versions look wonderful. I used half the mussels but didn't reduce the sauce. If I ever make the whole quantity, maybe I should remember to double the sauce ingredients. I will definitely try this with shrimp. Nana, I'll miss you tomorrow when I catch up with Tricia. Next time I hope I see you too.

  8. I skipped making it all together! Of course now I will try the shrimp version. Yum!
    Have a wonderful weekend ladies.

  9. Dear Nana: love the idea of preparing Curried Shrimp - I will borrow that idea from you soon and prepare some over rice (with lots of sauce) - your dish really looks so delicious and we do love shrimps. How can I resist making this?!
    Dear Tricia: you are such a good sport for making the Curried Mussels for your darling taste testers! Such a lovely serving dish (you always use the nicest plates and props and dishes...). Your mussels look wonderfully appetizing the way you presented them!
    Hope you are well and have a nice weekend,

  10. Both look wonderful! I loved mine with the mussels, but I have to say using shrimp sounds delicious!

  11. Nana, your shrimp version looks delicious. I found that half the sauce was not much either. Tricia, your mussels do look good, and next time you will definitely have to savour the sauce by using shrimp so you can also partake.

  12. I like the idea of using shrimp as a mussel substitute - I think I would have been able to get Joe to eat this if I had used shrimp :-)
    I hope everyone is feeling better. January seems to have been a tough month for many of us on the health side.

  13. I am glad you both are back with the Living but cannot imagine making a challenging recipe when you're just recovering from an illness. I also had the flu for a few weeks - not particularly horrible but just felt lousy and lethargic - so I definitely would not have made a recipe I knew I wouldn't eat. Ro, your idea of using shrimp is a good one. Since I really like this curry, when mussels are not particularly in season or accessible, that's what I'll do. Tricia, you're a good mother and wife but especially generous is serving mussels to your guys when it's not your thing. Glad they gave you a thumbs up. I am sure Betsy and Howard and you and your husband had a grand time. I realized that you two hadn't seen each other since Seattle. Thanks you for sharing with us. Welcome back to FFWD

  14. I almost order 'moules et frites' when they are on the this dish is looking very good to me!

  15. Nana's shrimp curry looks delicious. I may have to make this next week.