Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brown Butter & Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana~
Dorie suggests wrapping this delicious cake to let it age for a day.
 Let's face it, that doesn't work. The combination of the vanilla 
flavored sugar and the beurre noisette made that impossible. 
Jim could not wait for the cake to come out of the oven. 
The recipe is so simple and easy, a perfect cake to prepare for a
 weekend of nibbling. I started out baking it for 55 minutes, but
 decided to add another 10 minutes to give it a bit more color. 
We tasted a small piece, plain, and it was delicious. Then after
 dinner I served it with a bit of Kir Royale jam and fresh cream. This 
is definitely a pound cake that I will make again- I just love the flavor.
Per Tricia~
I love vanilla. I love cake. I love simple things.  
Needless to say, this simple vanilla pound cake was quite the hit.  
It was truly easy and much quicker to prepare than I anticipated. 
The name refers to the French lingering over the cake for a weekend, 
enjoying it here and there but for me "weekend" in a recipe name should 
be associated with something that is more of a production. 
Like that Gingerbread Bûche de Noël, for instance :) 
Making one of these on a weeknight would be a snap and likely
 be the perfect thing to get us all through a busy week.
The taste testing started by my licking the bowl and I knew we were 
in great shape then -the batter literally tasted like creme brûlée. 
Off to a good start. 
The completed cake tasted like a combination pound cake and a Breton
 butter cake, which is basically a genius balancing act in my book. This is
 a keeper and I am already planning to make more and ship off to the 
boys at school. I will also stock one or two in the freezer for company. Or
 perhaps for a week night when we simply need more cake.......



  1. Wow, look at all those little specks of vanilla in there! YUM. I had to chuckle at Dorie's suggestion that we wrap this cake and save it for a day. Obviously Dorie has more restraint within herself than we possess here! :-) Your cake looks fabulous.

  2. Beautiful cakes ladies! Nana, I need a jar of that Kir Royale Jam, wow that slice of cake looks good with the cream and jam! Tricia, I love simple baking projects too-this one was a winner..I'm glad you both enjoyed :)

  3. Nice job - and I am kind of drooling over Nana's jam.
    This cake was so good and so easy that I broke my "no baking on weeknight" edict and whipped one up tonight after work. Yup, that good and that easy.

    Stay warm!

  4. Ladies…you both did a fantastic job on this cake! Nana…that Kir Royale jam looks amazing…with cream no less! Mouthwatering! Tricia…this is a perfect cake to send to the boys. Sturdy and wonderfully delicious! Definitely a winner! Glad you both enjoyed this one!

  5. Yup! Failed to wait a day myself! This cake had to be eaten soon. Your double post looks delicious!

  6. Jam and cream? Good Lawd, that sounds fantastic!

  7. Jam and cream? Good Lawd, that sounds fantastic!

  8. Yup you caould already tell from the batter that this was wonderful! This is a keeper "go-to" recipe for sure. And Kir Royale Jam? Yes please!

  9. Wow! Your photos are wonderful. Kir Royale Jam with fresh cream looks and sounds amazing. I'll bet it tasted amazing, too.

  10. Nana, we couldn't wait to try this either. I actually caught Paul giving it to Charlotte for breakfast! I love the Kir Royale and cream idea, what fun. Tricia, I love the idea of stocking these in the freezer. It's always a good time for cake!

  11. Both cakes are beautiful. I don't blame you for not wanting to wait, it smelled heavenly while it baked.

  12. Yeah, creme brulee flavored batter is a sure sign of a delicious cake to come! Glad you both enjoyed!

  13. Ladies, your cakes turned out beautifully. Nana, the kir royale jam sounds really good - perfect with this cake.

  14. Fantastic! I'm with you Nana, we couldn't wait long either. I had to hide the cake over night and then it was gone within 12 hours!
    Your cakes look so good, I'm glad I'm making more today.

  15. I don't think I could have let my cake sit overnight either! This was a big winner for me!

  16. Nana the jam on that cake looks delicious. I will have to try that next. Tricia I like your planning ideas for cake. There is always room for more cake:)

  17. I actually waited the day, but kept going back to smell the aroma as it cooled. It took a lot of willpower to wrap it up, let me tell you. Both your cakes look beautiful and the Kir Royale jam sounds amazing!

  18. Those cakes look delicious, especially with jam and cream!

  19. Your loaf looks incredibly moist! I too cut into it the same day - just had to do it. ;)