Friday, November 21, 2014


Per Nana~
 When I first read the recipe for this week's selection I knew this would be a winner. 
The combination of ricotta cheese and spinach is a favorite. 
 I love cannelloni stuffed with spinach, spinach ravioli, as well as fresh
 spinach simply sautéed with olive oil, garlic and crushed red pepper. 
This recipe is a bit difficult to work with, everything must be handled gently. 
After boiling the water it must be returned to a simmer in order to cook the 
storzapretis or they will fall apart.  Just in case hubby decided he didn't care
 for the recipe, I had left over beef bourguignon for him. After I baked the
 storzapretis they looked and smelled fabulous and I knew I would love them.
 Guess what - Hubby did too. 
We have both decided that this is one of the best 
recipes from "Around My French Table".
Incidentally, Hubby calls them "ravioli without pasta". 
Good description. 
Per Tricia~
Sorry all, but this will be added to my make up roster. 
In the meantime I look forward to reading our fellow blogger's results ~

Happy French Friday !


  1. Wow, Ro! This looks wonderful - we didn't get to it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Nana, your storzapretis look wonderful. I really enjoyed this too, which surprised me given the mint.

  3. Nana, My husband thought these were like lasagna without the noodle. I am so happy to hear you liked them.
    Tricia, You know I am smiling! It's late here now, but I can't wait to tell my husband you didn't make this recipe. xo

    1. Haha- LOL. Yes I do know it !! That was what almost got me to the grocery store to buy ingredients at like 7 pm. Almost Gracie. Almost. Tell Hubby to keep having my back :)

  4. That's wonderful that this is now a favourite for you both, Nana! And Tricia, I've counted 17 recipes that I have to catch up on. I'm afraid I'll never get them all done before the end of the group...

  5. Nana that's wonderful that you both liked them! And yes, they are like ravioli without pasta - gnudi!

  6. Nana, glad you both enjoyed! Another winner from Dorie. Wishing you both a fantastic Thanksgiving! xo

  7. Glad you both enjoyed them Nana, and I think hubby's description is spot on! Tricia when you make them note that several of us skipped the poaching step and they turned out fine. Teresa even tried them poached and unpacked and thought them better just baking. Makes it a bit easier and less time consuming. I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you haven't been hit by the snow!

  8. Great job, Nana! Of course, now you have me craving canneloni :-)

    I hope you both have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  9. So glad to hear this was such a hit for you and your husband. I need to have you come over to my house and teach me how to make these.

  10. Nice job, Nana! I love how you made a backup dish for Jim. I'm glad it was so successful, with no need for the backup. Now you have leftovers to enjoy the rest of the week. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  11. Well done, Ro. But I am wondering what happened to the Beef Bourguignon? I was a little intimidated by this recipe and thought I would put it on "hold" until I read everyone's posts and got some good suggestions for making it successfully. Maybe Tricia and I can pick a Friday and make it together (separated by miles, of course). I know that you are gathering the clan for a Thanksgiving feast. I'm betting you're all going to Tricia's new home? Wherever you are, have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for this year, don't we? Hugs to that busy daughter of yours. xoxox

  12. Funny, we called these "lasagna without the pasta"! I'm glad these were such a hit for you, Nana.

  13. As I was reading through this recipe, I kept looking for and not finding the pasta. My husband kept looking for and not finding the meat:-) In the end we both loved it, even without or meat.

  14. "Ravioli without pasta" is a good description. I should have put more marinara sauce on like you did. It was very tasty but too much work for me. I agree with you that I love this group and all the new techniques that I have learned. I am going to miss it when it is gone. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  15. Great job, Nana!! Yours looks wonderful! "Ravioli without pasta"….sounds like a perfect description! I thought these were delicious! I even enjoyed them the next day as leftovers…however, not so much my husband! He is not a fan of spinach!
    Nana and Tricia, Wishing you and your families a marvelous Thanksgiving!

  16. These would definitely make some delicious shells or manicotti! So happy yours turned out so well.

  17. well either way it looks great! stuffing them into manicotti might be pretty delicious!