Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuna & Mango Ceviche

Or shall we say "shrimp and mango ceviche" ~
Per Nana ~
I decided to skip the tuna version of this week's recipe and use Dorie's 
"bonne idee" of seared shrimp. The ingredients for this dish did not 
impress me at all. I am not a fan of mangoes, lime or ginger. I could
 not even imagine pairing mango with avocado, onions and lime 
so I made half the recipe and decided Jim could enjoy it all. 

How very wrong I was. 

I sprinkled salt and pepper and a few drops of Tabasco sauce on the shrimp 
and then seared them for a few minutes. That few drops of hot sauce really 
gave it a great flavor.  After I plated the salad mixture I added the shrimp
 and a bit more of the vinaigrette and garnished it with cilantro leaves. 
A perfect appetizer. 

After four years of cooking with Dorie, I don't know why I ever 
doubt her combination of ingredients. She fools me every time. 

Per Tricia ~
I also opted out of the sushi grade tuna and went with shrimp instead.
I tried a type of domestic avocado - a "slimcado" from Florida which I 
do not recall seeing before and I will definitely buy again. The taste, 
size and texture were wonderful and they were a breeze to prepare.

The actual recipe, however, was not such a breeze and took a bit of prep
 work to get the ingredients chopped and ready to go. The results were 
absolutely delicious but my poor fingers had a few cuts and the intensive 
lime prep - zesting, de-segmenting, chopping and then juicing was a bit rough. 

That said, we all went nuts for the results.  The combo was unlike anything I had 
prepared at home and the well balanced sweet and savory, crunchy and
 soft textures were delightful.  I would make this again in a heartbeat.

Happy French Friday ~


  1. Nana: what a gorgeous plate you prepared - I absolutely adore your pretty presentation of the seared shrimp - it looks so fresh and delicious together with the other ingredients!
    Tricia: "slimcado" sounds interesting - I love to try new variations of veg and how nice that you came across these and got to use them in this wonderful recipe. You also went the seared shrimp route - now you both have me convinced that I should make this dish again but this time with lovely shrimp (although we did enjoy the tuna version).
    Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

  2. I know I'd love this version, too...and Bill would be much more likely to try it. Mangoes, though, I don't know! Beautiful plates from both of you. Sitting in Seattle sipping tea this morning and missing my Dorista friends! I did get to hang out with Alice though :)

  3. wow! looks spectacular! i love the colors and composition!

  4. I am going to try this with seared shrimp next time. Both of your versions look delicious. I like how both of you keep an open mind even when you have doubts about the recipe.

  5. Nana - very impressed that you made this despite your misgivings. Your dish looks delicious and I agree that the flavor combination was wonderful. It's pretty nice that 4 years in, Dorie can still surprise us.

    Tricia - A slimcado? What will they think of next?

  6. When I saw the picture of your Ceviche plate on Facebook, my initial thought was, "Say, what?" That didn't look like this week'd recipe to me. Unfortunately, I didn't even read the Bonne Idea because I was already committed to the Bonne Idea of the Orange-Almond Tart. Then, Tricia, like your Mother, you knocked this out and ended up with a beautiful photograph. You have encouraged me to go back and put the shrimp version of this week'd recipe together. I don't know why we ever doubt Dorie either. When she suggested that canned pear halves were as good as poached pears (which take a very long time to do), I was skeptical. But, I don't know how the tart I made last week could have been any better. Nice Post. Lovely photos.

  7. Pardon my typing errors. I had a run-in with the mandoline this week and it's not pretty. (Don't even think of telling my daughter of she will show up and take my toys away.)

  8. Well ladies, you're the reason I decided to go with the Seared Shrimp version of Dories recipe. My first thought was to skip this week! I don’t do raw fish! Nana your dish is arranged so beautifully and looks mouthwatering! Tricia, yours also looks amazing! So glad this was a hit with you both, and your families! Have a great week!

  9. Glad both your families enjoyed this one. I should have read the alternative of seared shrimp. Maybe next time.

  10. I'm going to have to try the shrimp version some time - it looks so good.

    I agree with you, Nana - Dorie's flavour combinations are always wonderful. We shouldn't doubt. :)

    Tricia, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the lime prep a little time-consuming. It was so worth it though, wasn't it?

  11. Ladies, I am loving your seared shrimp - I think I would have liked this better than the ceviche.

  12. Shrimp crossed my mind and so did squid but stuck to tuna which was okay. The results from both household look FAB!

  13. Lovely job, all!
    Great minds think alike - I was on team shrimp too.
    I hope everyone's fingers have recovered :-)

  14. I love the idea of making this with the seared shrimp - you guys make it look so good!

  15. The 'slimcados' are also known as "Fuertes" avocados. They are the type that grows in the Caribbean and Florida. I love eating them stuffed with tuna or other seafood salads.