Friday, September 5, 2014

Curried Chicken, Peppers & Peas en Papillote

Per Nana~
This week's recipe of curried chicken was a nice surprise. 
I did not think I would enjoy the curry flavor, but it was really very 
mild tasting. I loved the peas, red pepper and red onions, and when 
added to the chicken really enhanced the overall flavor of this dish.
 I think that using foil in this way is a great way to cook the chicken and 
I would like to try this method using other spices in place of the curry.
 All in all this was a nice recipe and, unfortunately, I only prepared 
a half portion and was looking for more.

Per Tricia~
This recipe was as remarkably quick and easy as Dorie
 promised. Adding curry, a spice I don't often use, made it a nice
 change to the standard chicken options we typically enjoy. 
 The biggest takeaway for me this week was not just how 
delicious Dorie's combination of ingredients was (and
 it was) but instead a reminder of how easy, versatile 
and enjoyable the results from baking "en papillote" are.
 Simply take some meat or fish, add veggies and 
spices and then bake in foil or parchment wrap
 for a short time to have a great meal. Voil√†. 

Happy French Friday ~


  1. The ease of this recipe keeps me coming back to it over and over. Looks great!

  2. OK, you've convinced me to try it with curry...maybe if I use a smaller amount, Bill won't complain! Glad you both enjoyed this one :)

  3. Super duper easy and delish! Both results are FAB!

  4. Glad you both liked this one. The curry powder is indeed mild - just enough to flavour the chicken. The foil is a great cooking method - I first heard of it from Jamie Oliver.

  5. I guess if you don't cook with curry often it probably felt like the right amount of taste, but I eat curried chicken salad almost twice a week. I think is curry is one of those seasonings that you need more and more of... glad this was the right spice level for you both.

  6. I think everyone is excited about being reminded about this technique. I know I was, and you both were too. This recipe is a great template to make your own favorite combinations. I also liked how I could make the packets up ahead, making dinner that much easier. Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm glad you both enjoyed it! My family thought it bland, and not in a good way! You're right, though, the technique is worth remembering.

  8. Nana and Tricia: both oyur curried chicken en papilotte look absolutely wonderful - colorful, pretty and healthy! This is indeed a wonderful cooking technique to remember! Yes, the curry taste was definitely there but not too overpowering, I guess using different spice levels of curry powder would change though. Wonderful pictures of both your dishes!
    Hope all is well and wishing you and your families a wonderful weekend!

  9. I really enjoyed this recipe even though it could have used a bit more spice! I love the ease and quick clean up…no pots and pans! Bill is not fond of curry, so I cut the curry for him. I think if I make this one again I will add some red pepper flakes for a little more punch! You both did a great job! Have a great weekend, Ladies!!

  10. Your dishes turned out beautifully and so colorful!

  11. I agree. This is definitely a recipe that I'll be repeating, and I'm looking forward to trying other combinations of vegetables and spices.

  12. I'm not sure if it's the brand of curry I used, but I thought the spice level was just right. This was so easy and healthy, too. Every time we make something en papillote, I swear I'm going to do it more often!

  13. It was nice to make such a quick and easy main dish this week. This is definitely a great technique to play around with.

  14. Curry is one of my fave flavors. Definitely making it again - often. Too easy not to.

  15. Yep, this was easy-peasy. I haven't posted yet (will do a two-fer next week) but I also found this delicious. Perhaps I would kick it up a notch or two for more curry and spicy flavoring. Liked the veggie combination, especially the onions. I am not a fan of peas but liked them in this delicious foil creation. Your pictures are beautiful and colorful.

  16. Glad you both liked it. For Nana, I always think cook once, eat twice so I usually plan leftovers for another dinner or for lunches. Happy Cooking.

  17. Agreed. This one was great and I'm betting it would work with other spices as well. I'm looking forward to trying out some other combinations.

  18. Yes, this was an easy meal. The sign of a great meal is that it leaves you wanting more :-)
    Hope both of you ladies are having a great week.