Friday, August 8, 2014

Tuna Confit

Per Nana~
I wasn't certain if Hubby or I would like fresh tuna. 
It is not a fish I am familiar with (in steak form) so I only
 used a 1/2 pound piece for this recipe. When I saw the
 price of tuna I couldn't believe it - $24.99 per lb. 
 Luckily Wegman's also carried the preserved lemons. 
I am happy to report that we both loved this incredible recipe.
 I prepared the marinade and put the tuna in the refrigerator 
overnight. While I cooked the tuna the next day I prepared
 the salsa, which I also thought was just delicious. 
It had just the right amount of heat without overpowering the tuna. 
I forgot to buy tapenade so I decided to slice some black olives as a
 garnish.I am always buying black olives in 6 packs and this week there 
wasn't a can to be had in my house. We enjoyed this delicious recipe 
with fresh corn on the cob and beautiful farm fresh tomatoes. 

Per Tricia~
I also had sticker shock when I saw the price of tuna. 
Luckily Nana provided a "special delivery" and gave me her extra herbs, 
peppers and those wonderful preserved lemons  - that I had little
 chance of hunting down on my own this week.  
Yup- lucky indeed that I get this much help and lucky because
 this was simply a fabulous recipe. My guys all love fresh fish
 (plus Dorie's recipes) and were chomping at the bit to try this. 
I have to laugh because even with little containers of ingredients 
delivered to my door, I still managed to forget a few items.  The 
peppers Nana shared I mistook for sun dried tomatoes (no, I  didn't 
open the container until I went to cut them up...) so I opted out
 of that addition to the tuna. I also passed on the tapenade. I did 
find a purple pepper at my local farm and thought that would be fun 
for color, along with a yellow one to offset all the red of the salsa. 
I used some of my remaining "Martha Wrap" that is part
 parchment, part foil and it worked like a charm. 
As expected, they all liked it very much. 
And I can assure you that I would not have sprung for the
 fresh tuna nor added the combination of ingredients to it that 
this recipe from "Around My French Table" called for it. Which 
makes it all the more enjoyable of an adventure. 

Happy French Friday ~


  1. I wish I had someone to deliver preserved lemons to my front door! I bought the wrong ones at the store, so my confit was lacking some vitamin c!

  2. Yes, after I bought 4 steaks and the preserved lemons I pretty much busted my shopping budget for the week... tuna is not cheap, but it was really delicious. Loved the tomato salsa too.

  3. Tricia, I'm glad to see that even though you no longer live next door, the grocery delivery "girl" still provides outstanding services. You are SPOILED! And lucky to have such a great mom. Tuna was the same price here at Whole Foods, but they were out of it when I went to actually buy it, not look at it. I lucked out when I found frozen ahi steaks at Trader Joes, for a fraction of the price. Go figure... Glad you both enjoyed this. It sure was good, wasn't it?

  4. Yeah, this was an expensive endeavor...considering Bill needed something else for dinner! But more for me!! I'm not complaining. Glad it was a hit with all of you! xo

  5. Lucky for me that DH is out of the country at the moment, hence I shopped for one pax and found a piece of tuna loin at 210gms! The marinate was FAB!

    Both mother and daughter did amazing good with this dish and awesome close-ups shots!

  6. Eeek, sticker shock indeed. Makes me even happier that I went with cod this week instead of tuna. But both of your dishes look delicious so at least it was worth the price.

  7. I love, love, love Wegman's; it makes me so sad that they have skipped our section of I-90 and can only be found East or West of us.
    Tricia, I am glad to hear that your personal FFwD ingredient delivery service is still in action (yay for Nana...)

    Have a lovely week, ladies!

  8. Glad you both liked it. Nana, glad you found the lemons and tuna at one place so you didn't have to search all over. Tricia, I have never seen a purple pepper before - but I want one!

  9. T'was an adventure for sure! Good for you both for getting this made! I wish I had Nana delivering bits and pieces to me too!

  10. Tricia good luck with your remodel. I would be happy with a sink too! I like your addition of the purple pepper.

  11. I'm glad you both enjoyed this one! I love Wegman's--they seem to carry everything. I really wish there was one more convenient to me. Although I'm sure having Nana deliver ingredients is even better than Wegman's :-)