Friday, August 15, 2014

Roasted Peppers & Piperade Stir-fry

It was a week of peppers as we tackled this week's recipe as well as a catch up one....

Roasted Peppers:
Per Nana~
I make roasted peppers quite regularly, it is one of our favorite additions to a 
sandwich. Although Dorie suggests roasting them in the oven for 45-60 minutes, 
I have always broiled my peppers. They must be turned continuously to blacken 
all sides. I then place them in a plastic baggie and close it tightly to let the steam
 loosen the skins. After they have cooled they are so easy to peel. 
I did half of the recipe as Dorie suggests, and knowing Hubby, I made the
 rest the way he used to having his peppers prepared. I didn't think he
 would go for all the herbs on top, so I wanted to be prepared for anything. 
He actually liked both.
 Another way we enjoy roasted peppers is to serve them as an appetizer with anchovies. 
The combination is so delicious. 
Per Tricia~
Ironically it is because Nana is a ready source for roasted peppers that I never
 actually had to make any myself. Guilty. Which is a shame, now that I think about it.
 I am glad this week's assignment woke me up to making this treat at home. 

My family is also pleased, though they know they still have a better 
chance at getting more from Nana's house- she simply has a new
 wonderful way to prepare them added to her repertoire :) 
Piperade Stir-Fry:
Per Nana~
Since peppers are on the menu for this week I thought I would play catch up
 with my version of the piperade stir-fry. Using vinegar to caramelize the
 pepper in this recipe was new to me and I personally thought it added so much more flavor.
 I don't know which of these two dishes I prefer, they are both so delicious. The 
piperade was served with a cheese omelet but would also be great on a sausage sandwich. 

Per Tricia~
Easy, fun and as Nana said- that vinegar was a great component. 
One that I would absolutely not have thought of myself. 
Which makes trying all of these recipes from "Around my French Table" such fun. 
A great way to use the summer's bounty, I likely have a better chance of 
repeating the piperade during the warm summer months and will likely fall 
back on the oven roasting in cooler weather.  

The taste testers all approved of each pepper item this week, they simply
 wanted to know when the pictures were done so they could actually eat :)
Happy French Friday ~


  1. Double the recipes! And lots of thumbs up! Sounds like a perfect French Friday :)

  2. Looks pretty perfect. Next week I'll be reading the recipe a little more closely!

  3. So glad to have the two of you back! I really missed reading your posts! Both of your pepper dishes look wonderful…they were hits in my house too! I love roasted peppers on so many things, yum!! Happy Friday ladies!!

  4. Nana you make your peppers just like my mother and Tricia I was always spoiled by my mom making them too and giving them to me ... so funny to share so much the same.

  5. Both ladies did a fantastic job with their peppers. Love both versions of the piperade!

  6. Gorgeous photos - double the pepper recipes makes for double the colour. I had never made roasted peppers at home and now that I know how easy it is, I'll be doing it regularly. And the piperade is one of my favourites. So delicious!

  7. Wow! Lots of peppery goodness in your neighborhood! I really enjoyed the roasted peppers, though I have made them before, under the broiler. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. You have both made gorgeous, colourful plates of peppers. And Nana, it was smart to double up with the piperade stir fry. I try to do the same so that I avoid extra effort/wastage.

  9. We loved both of these recipes too. We put roasted peppers from the grill on vegetable sandwiches with balsamic vinegar. I used the piperade stir-fry to make fajitas. Happy eating.

  10. I actually had forgotten about the Piperade and how much I liked making that dish. That's the only drawback about this Dorie-thing. I am so busy trying to make a new recipe each week (how can that be>>>) that I never return to some of the older ones I like. Oh well, there will be time for that. I appreciated Nana's suggestion about using the broiler. I am not able to have a grill here at The Gant (would possibly burn the entire 144-unit complex down.) so the broiler is a great alternative. So glad to have both of you back and if your Dad is eating roasted peppers, that's a good sign, Tricia. I think of you all often. Thanks for your many catch-up comments. You are a busy gal and I know you have your hands full, Ro.

  11. Wow ladies! You are on a pepper roll! Everything looks delicious. Don't be embarrassed Tricia. I had never roasted peppers either and instead of delicious homemade from my mom I've been using jarred!

  12. Great peppery catch up! I loved both these recipes. I don't know why I don't make homemade roasted peppers more often because they taste so good!

  13. They look perfect.

    I must confess, I am not in love with eating peppers; but they always look so pretty! I wish I like peppers and tomatoes more...

    Hope the pre-school rush is going well. Runner Girl went back Sunday.

  14. How does Hubby usually like his peppers? I'm curious.

  15. Yes we are thinking of roasted peppers now! These look so good!

  16. All of your pepper presentations look gorgeous. I love that peppers are a vegetable that are good year-round. It's fun to have even more delicious ways to prepare them.