Friday, February 28, 2014

Garbure from the Supermarket

Per Nana~
When I first read through this recipe I thought of the Alsace region and their
 specialty, Choucroute. I did not realize that the pork shoulder Dorie mentioned 
was fresh pork, so I purchased a smoked shoulder/butt. 

Also, when looking for garlic sausage I opted for garlic parsley Italian sausage. 
Since these would be undercooked, I baked them in the oven first. I think 
Polish Kielbasa would have worked a lot better but these sausages were still 
tasty. Instead of buying a whole cabbage I bought a bag of chopped cabbage 
used for making coleslaw. Even though there is a lot of prep work in the recipe 
as Dorie has it, it is well  worth every minute spent in the kitchen.   

After cooking everything for the first hour, I remember Mardi mentioning 
the vegetables becoming quite soft, so I tested them and they were "done".
 I decided to remove them from the soup and add them back later.
 When all was cooked I shredded the meat and then added the veggies
 to reheat. Hubby and I enjoyed this soup a lot, unfortunately the amount
 this recipe yielded was a bit much for us. I did freeze a few containers
 and hopefully these will be good when defrosted.
Per Tricia~
It is still cold and snowy(ing) in Pennsylvania so it was great to have
 this hearty French soup/stew on the menu. I also went with a smoked
 shoulder/butt and no, not because Nana bought it for me this week
 (but fair enough assumption) but because I thought it sounded delicious 
when I found it in the store. I added a D'Artagnan duck leg and my 
last batch of Wallingford Vermont cob-smoked kielbasa.
I love a Cassoulet type dish so it was no surprise that the garbure was a hit. 

The kitchen smelled amazing. My husband and I both enjoyed this and
 the kids will be able to test it since my freezer is now also full. 
Happy French Friday ~


  1. I used a ham hock for mine and it was smoked too -gave a delicious flavour! I'll be interested to hear if it freezes well - we gave lots away to our neighbour but ate quite a lot of it the week I made it too!

  2. Lucky you with the duck confit!! This was definitely a hit despite all the chopping ;)

  3. I have to say that I do wish Dorie had a recipe in the book for Cassoulet. It's one of those recipes which has long been on my wish list to tackle, but just haven't gotten around to it because it sounds like so much work. It would be fun to make with the group.

    Both of your recipes look wonderful this week.

  4. Nana…I wish I thought of buying the cabbage already shredded, great idea! I love both of your Garbures…they look wonderfully delicious! This was a winner in my house…Bill loved it and so did I! A definite do over! This was one of my favorite dishes in AMFT! Tricia, Your boys will be so glad you saved them some! Have a great weekend, Ladies!

  5. Smoked pork sounds fabulous! I loved this soup too. I wish there were a recipe for cassoulet too. This was similar, just liquidy. Hope you are both surviving the snow. Will it ever end?

  6. I also would love to have a great tried-and-true Cassoulet recipe. Does anyone have one? Tricia, your picture featuring the duck leg on top, the pot of garbure cooking, is fabulous. I envy you the D'Artagnan product - I didn't think ahead to get anything ordered. It puzzled me that everyone keeps talking about the effort and time involved in cutting the vegetables. I didn't recall thinking that. Then I remembered that I cut the garbure recipe in half (and, doubled the beans) so, duh, it wasn't time consuming for me. I still made what seemed like buckets of soup, Nana. I do think this will freeze well. We'll all see, won't we. I hope your winter weather has worn itself out. A little much, I agree. Stay warm, you two.

  7. Yay for Tricia! (We still know who keeps things running on track most times). D'Aratagnan products have been showing up in stores around here, which makes me very happy.
    Great job, Nana. I think this soup will freeze very well (or I could come live with you and help you out ;-) )

    Stay warm! It[s not fair that today is the first day of March and the temperatures are below zero. I am ready for March to go out like a lamb!

  8. I think smoked pork was a brilliant idea and I agree that kielbasa would have been firmer, tastier and have looked better than the garlic sausage I used.

  9. Both of y'all's garbure looks delicious. I used Kielbasa in mine and wish I had browned it a little first.

  10. I am making it today with a ham hock - looking forward to it and plan to add the veggies later in the process per all of your advice! Looks fantastic - love our choice of meats.

  11. It's so fun to read about all of the different variations. You were smart to take the vegetables out early. Mine were delicious, but mush. This made so much soup, I'm really hoping it freezes well too!

  12. Both your versions look fantastic. I've yet to make this, but reading through everyone's posts makes me wish I had.

  13. Nsna, I used a smoked ham hock as that was all I could get. I think it enhanced the flavour. Tricia, I am impressed by the duck leg - I couldn't find that here.

  14. I am hoping this freezes well too - it made way too much for my small family! It was delicious, and I enjoy seeing everyone's variations.