Friday, February 21, 2014

Butter & Rum Crepes, Plain and Fancy

Per Nana~
I have never seen a crepe that I did not like, except my own. 
I prepared the batter, which was so easy and chilled it for a few hours. 
The problem is trying to cook them. I used a heavy duty frying pan 
and everything seemed to get too hot. I either burned the bottom or, 
when flipping it over, it fell apart. 
I attempted the recipe three times in the last week trying to perfect
 them for photos. (not too much of an effort since we enjoyed them anyway.)  
The sauce was really easy. I whisked the juices and the butter by hand
 and it turned out very smooth. When I first tasted the blend I thought
 there was too much of a lemon flavor, but then realized it just 
worked when served with the crepes. 
I served one crepe to Jim with nutella inside and drizzled some on top. 
He said he preferred the sauce I had made with the honey. That surprised
 me because he loves nutella. One of my fondest memories is my mother
 preparing crepes for us when I was young. They were served plain 
with a sprinkle of sugar on top. Simply delicious. 
Per Tricia~
This week brought together everything I love about French Fridays.
 The recipe for crepes was a classic French dish, one that my family 
and I love elsewhere but for whatever reason I had not been making 
at home, and one where Dorie's wonderful tips guided me in the
 kitchen and provided me more than just the "ingredients and instructions". 
I may never throw an orange peel away again- mixed with sugar it was pure gold. YUM.
Specifically ?  Her suggestion that to use your fingers to gently flip the crepes.
 While I have no pride about getting something done in the kitchen, 
I can clearly admit that this was not a technique I would have even 
thought of. But it worked like a charm. In fact, I feel quite confident it
 saved every crepe I made. So there I was, husband dying over the 
aroma of the citrus and crepes and patiently waiting to fulfill his role
 as taste tester - and I am bragging to him about how wonderful Dorie
is because she tuned me in to the using my fingers. 
I refilled my saved Laduree jar with the sauce. Nothing from Paris is ever thrown out in my house.....
"Check this out. 
It works perfectly.
 I never would have thought of this myself. 
This is why I love Dorie.
 This is why this book is fun."

 Welcome to French Fridays in my kitchen :) 
The crepes were served with the wonderful honey citrus sauce and 
I filled several with some homemade whipped cream. And all along
 I wondered why I had not made these in such a long time. I can't wait 
to make them for the boys when they are home. Crepes = love. 

These shots are from the 2007 trip we took to Paris with the boys. Nana and my 
Dad were there as well so it was a very special vacation memory for all of us.  
And there was no shortage of crepes.

 At 20 and 17 now, you can imagine that a lot has changed in the last 7 years.  
One thing that has not - their love of crepes. 

Happy French Fridays


  1. I LOVE the pics of the boys and the crêpes in Paris :) Happy French Friday!

  2. Plain or fancy, they both look delicious!

  3. What fun! Using my fingers was great except for the burning them part. ;) It sounds like these tasted great even if more batches were necessary for pictures. Fun pictures of your boys!!

  4. Great post ladies! I also have fond memories of my mom making Palacsinta…which are Hungarian crepes. These were a winner in my house…everyone loved them! I actually made them three times in the last few weeks. Tricia, I love the pictures of your boys enjoying those crepes in Paris…wonderful memories! Happy French Friday!

  5. What a great post! I wouldn't throw away anything from Paris, either!

    Ro, we are just too self-critical. I always say I know how to make food that tastes good but it doesn't always look pretty. I think of Julia Child's saying about if a plate is immaculate, too many hands have handled it. The most important thing is how they taste - and these were good!

    I love your family photos, too!

  6. I used my fingers, too! Think I always have. Nana, my mom used to make us crepes, too...I liked them so much better than pancakes.Tricia, loved your old family vacation shots. I finally got my kids to try crepes on our LAST day in France. I wouldn't let them leave the country without that experience!

  7. Oh I just loved the pictures of your "little" boys in France doing the crepe detail with their Dad. (That is Dad, right?) Wasn't it fun to pull up that picture? I also love crepes and long ago (30 years) used to have luncheons and would make crepes all morning before my guests arrived. I must have been out of my mind! But, they were fabulous. Everyone is loving Dorie's recipe for crepe batter and I am anxious to try it. Daughter Melissa is coming to visit for a week (yeah, an entire week without kids and husband) and she is bringing her crepe pan. It's going to be crepe and garbure week at the Hirsch/Place household. Nana, your crepes look wonderful. Susan is right, we are tough on ourselves. I know this brought back childhood memories for you also. Nope, in Iowa, Mom never made me crepes!

    1. That IS in fact Dad :) Otherwise known as "St. Peter".

  8. Well done ladies! Nana, I think your crepes turned out beautiful. Tricia, thank you for sharing your photos. I favorite place to get crepes is Paris too!!!

  9. Nana & Tricia: Fancy or Plain, you gurls rock!

  10. Wow! Your crepes look wonderful (both of you!). The only thing I have in common is that I never make them at home. Mine were pretty much a disaster, but then again, I only made 1/2 recipe once... I did not try and try again - look at that perfection! My only win was my citrus vanilla sauce to go with - yummy enough to make a "mess" still tasty.

  11. Both of you did an excellent job on making the crepes even with your trepidations. Tricia I found the finger technique a charm too that I would never have thought of… love the boys with the outdoor crepe makers… you gotta love their crepe makers.

  12. Nana, yours look just fine Nice job, both of you. Yes, Tricia, that sugar rubbed with citrus smelled just magical! I think I need to practice these again to get them to look right, but fortunately the mistakes still taste pretty good. Loved the family pix.

  13. I used my fingers also! It burned but it was worth it! I love your pictures!!! and is that Laduree lemon curd I see in the background? yummy!!

  14. Love the pics from France. And love the look of your crepes as well. I probably would have liked the ones from Nana's mom best though. Simple is better when it comes to pancakes for me.

  15. Nana, I'm amazed that you made these 3 times. What dedication! Your final photo is beautiful. Tricia, I'm so interested to know that using your fingers worked. I might try that next time. I was worried about burning myself.

  16. Three times, wow! Impressed.
    Loved the Paris pics - things do change in seven years, don't they? (except for the love of certain foods, I hope)

  17. Both sets of crepes look delicious ladies. Nana, I admire your stick-to-it-iveness. I would have made one batch, and if they were ugly, I would resign myself to it and photograph it. Hope you both have a great week.

  18. Your crepes (both sets ) look delicious:) I loved the sugar technique with the citrus - priceless. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your trip to Paris.

  19. Love the pictures from Paris - I included one too of crepe making and one with our beloved Mardi who I was lucky enough to have dinner with summer before last. I loved this recipe - her little additions made them so special.

  20. Nana and Tricia, it looks like you both succeeded with this week's recipe! I love the photos from Paris, too. The boys may be grown up, now, but I bet they still love crepes.

  21. Nana: your crêpes look fabulous - how nice that you enjoyed the citrus/butter sauce with them as well - I agree that a bit of tartness is nice with the slightly sweet crêpes.
    Tricia: looks like you more than enjoyed this recipe - the crêpes all filled with that whipped cream and served with the orange slices and sauce look just fabulous! And your photos from Paris are a real treasure!

  22. Tricia, what lovely memories of crepes and family and Paris. I noticed your Laduree jar lurking in the background and was jealous! Nana, I had the same issues with my crepes. My fire either too high or too low. My crepes either sticking or falling apart!

  23. You both made beautiful crepes! My husband thought they were OK but didn't love them - I think it's because he has never had them on the streets of Paris like your family!

  24. How wonderful! Both of your crepes look fantastic. I can't believe Nana made them three times. Well, they say, three's the charm! And the previous batches made for yummy tests I am sure! Love your Paris pictures!

  25. Great memories. Crepes look so good. Nutella, huh. Next time.