Friday, June 21, 2013

Sable Breton Galette with Berries

Per Nana~
Brittany is the area of France where my Father was born and raised.  When Hubby and I traveled there we tried to find information about the family.  The Hotel de ville in the little village of Scaer did not have records dating back in their system.   My Father was born in 1892. The only thing we came across was a boulangerie with my maiden name.  I was so excited and took pictures to share with all my siblings.  We did go into the bakery but they could not understand me and so we gave up.  We did buy ourselves a baguette which was delicious.

This week's recipe of breton galette reminds me so much of the Breton cake that my Mother prepared every Christmas made with butter, eggs, and sugar. I still make it occasionally but only Tricia and I seem to enjoy it.
I decided to make individual tart forms since there are only the two of us and I can prepare them fresh each time. Neither hubby or I like lemon curd so I decided to improvise with some Zabaglione Cream instead. Unfortunately, when baking individual cakes I should have cut the time back because mine were very well done.  (burnt would be a better description). 

On top of that, my zabaglione cream did not turn out well.  I'm not sure what happened because I have made it before.
The desert is a lovely addition to any dinner, very tasty and so pretty that I am definitely going to give this another try, only I think I will do the complete tart pan rather than individual ones.

Per Tricia~
Sorry but I could not knock out the recipe this week due to other commitments HOWEVER I must report that Nana did (thank goodness !!) share her results and they were insanely good. Insane. I can not recall the last time I ate a dessert that lovely and while I look forward to testing it with lemon curd too - her zabaglione filling was unbelieveable. 
And they were SO not burnt :) In fact, once I got them home I immediately had to get my own camera out since they were THAT pretty. And I knew they would not be sticking around too long.......Oh my, I will 110% be back to do this one very soon. Thank you Dorie (and Nana !!)

PS- in hopes that the 3rd time will indeed be the charm......Nana and I decided rather spontaneously to reschedule our France trip and will be leaving next we will miss the following two French Fridays. Wish us luck and we look forward to catching up when we return !


  1. They don’t look burnt to me! They look wonderfully delectable, and I would so love that Zabaglione cream on top! Sounds heavenly! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  2. They look perfect to me.
    Will keep my fingers crossed for France, take 3!

  3. Wait you're leaving for France next week? So am I (leave Wednesday, come back in August). We should meet up if you are in Paris. You know, French Friday drinks!! Please email me mardi at eatlivetravelwrite dot com and let's see if we can organise something!

    Love this rendition with zabaglione instead of lemon curd - will have to try!

  4. We made individual ones, too. I'd love to try the Zabaglione version.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in France & look forward to your photos! It should be perfectly gorgeous at this time of year!

  5. Nana, very pretty looking individual Sablés Breton with delicious strawberries and blueberries and Zabaglione Cream - what a delightful treat this recipe was and from what I have read in all the other posts, we will see many a repeat performance of this lovely recipe! I really enjoyed it as well!
    Tricia and Nana: have an amazing trip to France!

  6. So wonderful that you have a connection with this region and this dessert. What a great food heritage. The cream sure looks good, sorry it wasn't to your liking.

  7. Beautiful individual galettes! I'm so excited for your trip to Paris...Have a wonderful time ;-)

  8. I also made individual galettes! Along with one large one. I had that much dough!

  9. Nana, you don't even KNOW the description of "burnt". If you want to really introduce yourself to "burnt", please come to my house. Your individual tarts look delicious with or without lemon curd (how do you make Zabaglione Cream) and I am glad Tricia got to tell us about them also so we know how good they were. I loved hearing your stories of Brittany. Please, please enjoy France for me also. Although I absolutely made the right decision by not taking my trip, I am missing France terribly. Lift a verre de vin pour moi, sil vous plait.

  10. Nana's tarts look wonderful. I loved this one, so, Tricia, definitely try this one when you have a chance. Bon Voyage! Have a great time in Paris.

  11. Tell Nana her tarts look lovely. And THAT is not burnt!!

  12. Oh my word! These are gorgeous. What do you mean burnt! The Zabaglione Cream is such a great idea.