Friday, August 10, 2012

Warm Scallop Salad with Corn, Nectarines & Basil

Per Nana~
Although both Hubby and I do not care for scallops, I was 
 determined to try this recipe without substituting another 
type of fish. With that thought in mind I made only
 1/3 of the recipe.I prepared the lime dressings the night before, 
as well as the basil coulis.
This was the first time I made coulis, and even though we did not
 eat this dish, I tasted the leftover coulis which was excellent. 
  I definitely have to try making some pesto with my fresh 
basil before the season is finished.

Since I have never worked with scallops before, I followed Dorie's 
 cooking instructions to a "T" hoping they were thoroughly cooked.
After assembling the dish I called Tricia's son to see if he 
would like to try some scallops.  He arrived quickly and 
enjoyed it before going off to work. Hubby and I thought the 
presentation was lovely, even though neither one of us tasted it.
Per Tricia~
Another week, another recipe behind.
  But how lucky am I (and my older son) to have this 
created a la Nana for us ??  My husband was away and my 
younger son was ill with what thankfully was NOT appendicitis....
so it was all the more appreciated to have a plate of wonderful 
"Dorie Food" created especially for us.  While the younger son
 did not partake in the meal due to tummy issues, he was on hand 
as we unveiled the tin foil over the plate. 
You would have thought it was a sterling silver plate cover-
 I can not over emphasize how decadent and gourmet this plate looked.  
 There were 3 audible gasps, followed by "wow".   I declared that no one could 
try a bite until I got a photo of the gorgeous plate and ran for my camera.  
My older son sat right down and ate all but nectarine and half a scallop. 
 He adores scallops and thought they were "incredible".  He continues to
 rave over this meal and there is no doubt I will be making it in the future. 
Perhaps on a special trip home from college :)
  Thanks, Dorie for giving him a reason to come and visit.......


  1. Oh, my. Both of your scallops look so succulent! And your grilled fruit is so golden and delicious, too.

  2. It's so nice to be able to share food with each other. I love your side-by-side descriptions of recipes when you both do them, but weeks like this show what a close family you are.

  3. It looks delectable and so colorful! I don´t eat fish either and it´s not nectarine season so I had to pass on this one. But it looks like a sophisticated recipe!

    1. Just checked your blog and saw all those delicious desserts. The chocolate
      scones look terrific, as well as everything else. Beautiful job.

  4. It looks like a great experience all around!
    Nana - it looks like you handled your scallops expertly.
    Tricia - Runner Girl leaves Sunday (as in 8 days). Sigh. Think we'll survive it all?

  5. I never get tired of seeing how lovely scallops look when they are cooked just right and these are perfect. Double the fun on this page. Great job!

  6. The salad looks fantastic! Great pictures! Hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Nana your scallops look like perfection! Lucky you, Tricia! What a wonderful meal to have in your son's memory as he heads off to school.

  8. Wow - those scallops looks just gorgeous! And what a great reason to come home for a visit from college. My family LOVED this dish - hubby declared it was his new favorite meal!

  9. Beautifully cooked sea scallops! We enjoyed this recipe too;-) How wonderful to be appreciated for a meal that you've prepared for your family!

  10. Very nice! Everyone in our house enjoyed it also. It was m y first time ever cooking scallops, so I followed the recipe exactly as well and it was perfect.

  11. Very lovely looking salad, it all looks so delicious and I love the warm colors - no wonder you all adored looking at it and eating it - although I had to skip this week, I plan on making this some day soon, it just looks to good not to try it!

  12. Looks gorgeous, your scallops came out perfectly. And your plating is beautiful. Tricia, you were very lucky indeed!

  13. Nana, A very gorgeous looking salad…we enjoyed it, too! Tricia, how nice to have your mom so close that she brings you dinner…lucky you!! I made mine late because I had visiting grandchildren last week! Great job, ladies!!

  14. That is one dish of deliciously seared scallops, beautiful! Glad no surgery was needed for the youngster!

  15. Great teamwork! Even if only one of you was cooking and one eating :) I did love this. I think it is restaurant worthy, but easy to create a home. Who wouldn't love that?