Friday, August 3, 2012

Tomato Cheese Tartlets

Per Nana:

This week's recipe started the month of August off easy.
The tartlets are so simple,  especially using the puff pastry dough. 
  I rolled the dough according to the instructions from Dorie
 and cut out  four  6"  rounds. I set the timer for 15 minutes but
 after removing the top cookie sheet the rounds were not very
brown so I left them in the oven a few minutes longer.
Not wanting to waste the trimmings,  I sort of rolled them
 up and baked them also.  Hubby saw them after they were 
removed from the oven and out came the butter.   These 
little snacks were delicious.
The tartlets were covered with a layer of tapenade
 and then slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese. 
I planned to broil them for a few minutes so I held off 
on the rest of the seasonings.
They turned out lovely, a little burnt, but tasty just the same.
  I drizzled  oil on top and added  basil for the topping.

A word of caution to anyone using parchment paper, 
it does not work under the broiler.  It can catch on
fire very quickly if not watched carefully.    (Perhaps I am the 
only dummy that did not know this)
Hubby declared the tomato-cheese tartlets a winner  and I have
 to agree with him. I am adding a picture of the soup made with
 the leftover barley from last week's recipe, which was absolutely
delicious. I am also adding a photo of our newest farm animal, 
and unlike the rabbit, I don't think this one would make a great stew.   
No recipes needed.....

Per Tricia: 
I am posting Nana's results from a hotel room, as I have been on 
business trip all week.  I look forward to getting home and trying this 
one myself.   Happy French Friday~


  1. Gorgeous!!! And what a great idea for the leftover puff pastry. Safe travels home, Tricia~

  2. Beautiful tartlets! I can see those extra puffs covered in melted butter and cinnamon sugar... Have a great weekend girls!

  3. Love your tartlets, Nana (and your new pet!)! ;) Can't wait for you to try these, Tricia - they're wonderful!

  4. Tricia - this is one you should definitely try to do when you get home. It was so darn tasty and I felt ever so elegant eating them.

    Nana - Your tarts look delicious and what a great idea to use up your leftover dough. I decided to be lazy and just leave mine in squares since I thought it would be a waste otherwise, but now looking at your little pastries I'm thinking that extra dough might not have been such a bad thing.

  5. Nana - your tears look gorgeous! And I love what you did with the leftovers :)

  6. Nana: isn´t it wonderful that you made some soup with the left-over barley (I made the Pilaf again yesterday) - I love soups with barley! Your Tomato-Chesse Tarlet looks very pretty and so delicious and the idea with the left-over puff pastry snacks is just so very cute! Great post!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. We loved these! I like your snacks, too. I made peach turnovers with the second sheet of puff pastry. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Running them under the broiler was a great touch - gooey mozzarelaa. yum. And barley soup - mmmmmm
    Have a safe trip home, Tricia!

  9. Beautiful tartlets, Nana!! We really enjoyed these, too! They were a great lunch or appetizer. And I love the barley soup!

    My friends and I go to the Tannersville Outlet mall! Philly is a bit too far! It does sound like a great place though!!

  10. I just loved these tartlets and seeing your tartlets here is making me want to make them again next week! Next time I'll try the pesto instead of tapenade. Lots of tomatoes to use up here;-) Your soup looks very good too, yum- all delicious;-) Enjoy your weekends!

  11. Oh my goodness, your tart looks fantastic! So happy you enjoyed! I didn't go the double cookie-sheet method, but they were still cute, and tasted yummy. Your soup looks delicious too! (good idea, I still have the barley that I bought but didn't get made into the pilaf)

  12. Good work Nana! Looks terrific. Like your new critter.

  13. I also did the same thing with the trimmings, but you did one better in that you actually took a picture of them! Your tartlets look so good, Nana, as did your barley soup. And do you have a name for your new farm friend up there? :)

    Hope you had a good business trip and safe travels, Tricia!

  14. Beautiful tartlets! They look great, love they idea of using the leftovers as a little snack. These were a big hit with us also, hubby is already asking for more!

  15. Your tarts and twists look delicious! Great way to use the leftovers.

  16. That tart looks absolutely beautiful! I love what you did with the scraps, too. Your barley soup reminds me of the kind of soup my mother likes to make in big batches and distribute to everyone in the family.