Friday, July 20, 2012

Salmon with Basil Tapenade

Glad to see the links are back up - we missed the Doristas !
Per Nana:

This week's recipe for salmon with basil tapenade was
 an excellent choice and quite simple to prepare. I prepared
 two salmon filets and halved the rest of the ingredients.
I used basil from my containers on the patio,
 (that those cute rabbits left for me) and it was delicious.
Even though I cut all the ingredients in half, I forgot about 
the lemon.  Not only did I not cut the lemon portion in half, I added
 it all at once to the tapenade instead of saving some of it for the
 sauce.  As I mixed the tapenade and basil with the juice I knew it was
 a bit too soupy.  
Since my frying pan can go into the oven, I seared it on top of the
 stove as instructed and then into the oven. It really turned out well, 
the flavors of the tapenade and basil  were excellent.  Even the 
extra amount of lemon was not too overpowering.
Hubby said he would like to see this recipe again and since we both
 love salmon,  that is definitely a possibility. 

Per Tricia:
Nana came to the rescue -  I thought it would still be LYL vacation had not gotten the ingredients (or made dish) before  heading 
to work today. She covered me on the tapenade, her amazing
 fresh basil and the lemon. All I had to do was pick up a salmon and I 
couldn't even do that correctly :)  Actually the store had "Steelhead fillet" 
which I initially thought was salmon.  When I saw the salmon I preferred
 the look of the Steelhead so took the risk.  Glad I did.
My husband and available taste-testing son went nuts.  
This was quite the hit in our house and it exactly the reason we
 enjoy FFWD so much- not that much exertion, always an adventure, 
great flavors and we get a kick out of getting everyone's feedback.
Happy French Friday and see everyone next week........


  1. Hey Tricia, that looks great.

  2. Tricia and Nana, Glad you both decided to cook along this week! I didn’t post until after 11 am and I was the second one to leave my link!! I have a suspicion that not too many of us realized the LYL would be up!
    You both did a great job with your salmon. Both dishes look fabulous! I agree that this one was delicious and will definitely be making an appearance on our table again! So happy everyone enjoyed it!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Both of your salmon dishes look delicious. Great post!

  4. I never even heard of "steelhead." That looks like salmon. Would've fooled me. Hooray for Nana's herb box! Glad everyone enjoyed this one. I'm glad the LYL is back up. I've missed everyone!

  5. I'm glad this was a winner in both households!! It was good, wasn't it? Have a great weekend~

  6. It's nice when someone has your back :-)
    Lovely job, ladies. Yes - it is nice that we are back this week.

  7. So funny how this dish was a hit with so many people - it's quite strong flavours! Good work ladies!!

  8. Nana your salmon looks delicious! Tricia I don't know what steelhead is but it sure looks like salmon. I enjoy the way you two help each other out:)

  9. Nana and Tricia: beautiful plates and delicious looking salmon and steelhead trout (I read that is tastes fantastic). So glad you posted this week and that the "LYL" section is up and running again! Wasn´t this a wonderful recipe - I am glad that you liked it so much too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Looks delicious ladies. And Nana, I made the same mistake you did of adding the lemon juice all at once. Oops, it still came out tasting great and we really enjoyed this meal. Another winning Dorie recipe.

  11. I'm so glad it all worked out! My taste tester loved it and requested it to be a regular salmon dinner in our 'rotation'. Can't get better than that ladies, right?

  12. I am so happy to see your post this week. I love this blog!!!!

  13. Both versions look fantastic. Steelhead is so delicious - that would make it a double treat.

  14. I did the same as Nana - halved the recipe but forgot to halve the lemon - oops. It still tasted good though, and I am glad that both of you ladies loved it.

  15. Very nice! We missed everyone, too! I hope everything will be back to normal this week.

  16. Both dishes look great - the steelhead looks exactly like salmon so now I know I good substitute if salmon is ever scarce. My dad is salmon fishing all week in Door County though so I don't see that being an immediate problem :) Lovely job ladies! Glad we're all back - I missed the Doristas!

  17. I also am glad we are back in business, Nana and Tricia. Have been missing the community of cooking friends. After having my daughter, Melissa, here the past few Posts, to help with the cooking and baking, I am a little envious of your week-to-week interaction. Your Blog is such a wonderful, memorable, and happy familial activity. Always having someone to watch your back. I liked this recipe but I felt my salmon with the 4/6 minutes directions was a bit overcooked. But, I also believe my salmon should have been chunkier. Like you both, I will try this again.