Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blueberry Mascarpone Roulade

Per Nana:
Dorie's recipe of  blueberry-Mascarpone roulade  turned
 into strawberry trifle at our house. I am not a fan of blueberries and 
since I am the baker, I decided to use strawberries instead.

I prepared the sponge cake as per Dorie's instructions and had a very 
difficult time beating the egg whites.  I did not wait for room temperature 
and finally, since I did not have cream of tarter or lemon juice to add, I used
a little vinegar.    These were tips found on the internet.    At this point I
 was certain this recipe would be a waste but I mixed it with the beaten yolks 
and baked it.  Surprise, surprise, it actually baked a sponge cake and
 tasted pretty good too.
Instead of making the blueberry filling, I sliced strawberries and
 macerated them in raw sugar for a few hours. The cheese filling was very 
easy to make using the Mascarpone and cream mixture.  I did not
add the berries since I planned to layer them instead.

I used a biscuit cutter to make circles in the sponge cake and prepared
 the trifle with a layer of cake, some of the cream filling and sliced strawberries.
This  worked out perfect for hubby and I,  we had a lovely individual dessert. 
 Making a whole sponge cake filled with fruit would 
have been a bit much for the two of us.
Per Tricia: 
Since the French Friday's group appears to be taking a break, I am going to take a little vacation as well.  I will check in and post for Nana, and when the weekly links start up I will jump into the adventure again.  Happy French Fridays to all who continue ~


  1. I couldn´t do my roulade, but I like yours on a glass! So much easier. It looks perfect for summer. Have a great week!

  2. This looks like such lovely treat…Love the idea of layering the cake, berries and cream…yum!
    Tricia, If you have Facebook…many Dorista’s are posting their link on the facebook page for French Fridays…I don’t know what happened to our LYL page. I think it’s time someone else helped manage it!! Have a great weekend!! Hope to see you back soon!!

    1. Thx Kathy ! The Doristas are just amazing- it is a wonderful group that Nana and I enjoy being a part of. Didn't want to gripe but it was very frustrating to spend time yet again waiting for a link to be posted. Appreciate the heads up about Facebook and we vote for a backup admin !!!!

  3. If my sponge cake failed me in any way, it was going to be a trifle in our house as well too. :-)

    Such a lovely summer dessert - and yes, I think frustration is a common theme.

  4. I'm not on Facebook and I miss the link too ;) Nice to see Nana's version of this one!

  5. I like your trifle rendition. Looks tasty!

  6. Looks delicious Nana. I make a strawberry tiramisu which is one of my very favorite summer desserts, and it looks very similar to your dessert. In fact, you have inspired me to go make it again before the season is over.

  7. Beautiful presentation of your strawberry trifle! I just love that the tall glass, it makes for one delicious looking dessert - so glad that you liked it1

    P.S.: Just wanted to let you know that the "LYL" is back up, so you might want to post your link on the FFwD site!

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Thank you, we were a little frustrated, but it all works out. This is such a fun group,
    I would hate to see it stop. Believe it or not, that glass is for wine...

  9. I love your roulade-turned-trifle, Nana. And, you're right, the roulade was too much for two and way too much for one. I cut it into threes and delivered it to the other francophiles in the neighborhood. I liked the sponge cake recipe, didn't you, and am glad to have another idea as to how to use it. I have a quart of beautiful unused strawberries in the fridge. May do this.