Friday, December 16, 2011

Potato Chip Tortilla

A day late and an ingredient short....
Once again Nana has made it in before the deadline while I spent last Saturday cooking the pork (was to be posted by last Friday).  I beleive this is going to be the holiday trend of playing "catch up" around here.  But I have been enjoying the early results of Nana's cooking - especially the creme brulee, which we will post on another French Friday !

***(update- I "caught up" this morning and added the results to the bottom of this post......)

Per Nana :

I had to make this potato chip tortilla just to prove
to myself that it wasn't as wacky as it sounds.

The recipe is extremely simple and using the chips makes
 short work of the traditional Basque tortilla.

After mixing the eggs with the rest of the ingredients,
 I added this to the potato chips and stirred.
I did think the mixture was a bit too thick so I
added an additional egg which really helped.


The cooking method was nice, starting on top of
the stove and finishing the tortilla under the broiler.  
I was pleased with the results, and hubby and
 I both enjoyed it.  

As far as I'm concerned, the flavors were perfect. 
 I will definitely do this one again.

Per Tricia:
Chard-stuffed pork roast anyone ? 
 Nana's results were so beautiful (and delicious) that
I had to make this one right away, even if I missed
the French Friday deadline. 
I was very curious about all the flavors that were combined
 for the stuffing and also happy to get to use the cardamom
 that does not make it out of the spice drawer often enough.
Raisins and red pepper flakes ? Not a typical combo. 
And just like Nana, I had to use skewers since we left 
our kitchen twine in Vermont. Twine would have been best.
   The flavors were lovely but I mostly came away
 wondering why I do not serve pork roast more often
when I have company- since this was a fairly
 impressive looking dish for very little effort. 
As usual, Dorie inspires us once again. 
 Now to make that tortilla dish for breakfast tomorrow.....

Update- I was not kidding about making it for breakfast.
It was fabulous. You know you are profoundly behind when
you don't even read the recipe to realize it was a quick
 and easy potato chip omelet.  A keeper for sure !

 Prep time !

   Would the chips be covered...they were !
So far so good....
Out of the broiler- yay !
Now on to the creme brulee !  Kidding.


  1. Nana, I was wondering how your tortilla came out so puffy. An extra egg! Of course! Looks gorgeous.

    Tricia, I was scratching my head about the pointy things shooting out of your roast until I read the part about no twine. Great alternative! So glad you enjoyed the roast.

  2. Looks like both dishes turned out fantastic! Great photos!

  3. I agree, the tortilla sounded bizarre. My husband was more than a little skeptical when I told him what we were making. But honestly, once I really thought about it, it's just an easy way of getting potatoes in there, not really all that strange after all.

    Tricia - happy to hear that you liked the stuffed pork roast. I had a hard time with this one, but my husband liked the idea so much that he wants to try it again. Hopefully the second time proves to be the charm for us.

  4. Nana's tortilla and Tricia's roast look great! I haven't had time to make the pork roast yet myself (or the matafan), but hope to catch up soon. I liked the ease of the tortilla, and it wasn't nearly as wacky as it sounded.

  5. Both dishes look wonderful! I just got mine posted because I served mine at a party last night. Everyone enjoyed it!

  6. One thing is for sure - the tortilla did go quickly didn't it?
    Glad the roast was a it for you, Tricia! Definitely company worthy...

  7. These look fantastic! Both of the dishes, love how fluffy Nana's Tortilla is, and Trish your pork looks really delicious! I've not tried that yet and am hopeful to really get back in the kitchen in the next week so I can try it.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. All dishes looks great. But it involved à lot of cooking this time. See you next week at the creme brulee (lol).

  9. Ladies, everything looks great! Tricia, I'm glad you're all caught up. I actually made 4 of the 5 December dishes for one meal...that really helped stay on top of things this month. Merry Christmas to you both and your families!