Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roasted Rhubarb

This week's selection falls under the "recipe that is more like a technique" category.  We always enjoy those because they are quick, simple and typically bring us back to some basics we love but haven't prepared in a while.  Roasting, yes.  Rhubarb ?  Not so much.  Neither of us could recall having much rhubarb experience - eating or cooking it.  Which made the simple act of roasting turn into much more of an adventure.....

Per Nana ~

When I was growing up my parents had a huge vegetable
garden on our property.  I guess it was really known as a
"Victory Garden" during World War II.  
My mother grew rhubarb and always made jams and other
 good things, but I would never even try to eat it. 
 I was not into fruit back then.
So today I actually purchased rhuburb for the first time.  
 I had to "Google" to learn all about it.

I made the roasted rhubarb recipe from FFWD.  
 I'm not at all certain if the results
are correct, but it was an excellent dessert.

I drizzled some honey on top and chilled it for a few hours.  

We enjoyed a small dish with a dollop
of whipped cream after dinner. 
Guess what  my new favorite dessert is? 
  Next time it's going on top of vanilla ice cream.

Per Tricia ~
(update - I forgot to include the "finished product shot" when I first posted this. I laughed out loud when one of the comments asked if I remembered the roasting part :) Though I do have my days......)

I am slightly embarrassed to say that I somehow
managed to mess up this utterly simple recipe. 
 Not possible, you say ? 
 I am blaming the Rhubarb :)
 I am actually relieved about it because I could not
 reconcile my own "taste test" to the raving review
 Nana had provided.  I gave her a sample the following
day and the minute she saw it she knew something was amiss. 
 We had teased about the fact that our local market
 only had 4 pieces of rhubarb left -I had said that
Nana and the local Doristas must have wiped them out.
  It was just under a pound and mostly green, but I
adjusted the recipe slightly for weight and forged ahead. 

 I had all taste testers available plus a visiting
friend of my older son.  And all of them wanted to like
 this dish but were suspect from the moment I starting
 cleaning the "celery looking stuff". 

Since I had a lemon on hand I decided to use that zest
although I would have preferred the orange flavor.
 I initially thought that the dish simply ended up with
 too much of  a lemon flavor- the first question from my hubby
was "how much lemon is in here ?".

  It was not that anyone officially disliked the results
(with all that sugar, how can you go too wrong ?) but
 no one wanted more than their small taste test. 

And none of us would have associated the results
 with something you might add to ice cream. 
 I had been all excited to try some of my new
Savannah Bee Company honey that I procured
 on my Hill's Kitchen visit in DC, but after
 tasting the dish I decided to save my honey.
 Luckily I had Nana to set me straight.
  After tasting my sample she promptly told me
to "throw the rest out". 
 We had a good laugh and she has promised to make
 my family a batch.  And we will be inviting 
my son's friend back for the rhubarb redemption....... 


  1. Yes, I served this on yoghurt for breakfast (after experimenting with a wonderful rhubarb compote that was delicious) but neither of us really liked it. I think it needs ice cream to work.

  2. Very funny! I think rhubarb is definitely an acquired taste - especially since it's so tart. I can remember eating rhubarb since I was a toddler...
    I will say, while I liked this, I probably am more fond of some of the other ways I prepare it.
    Too funny that Nana told you to throw it away. (And even funnier that Nana googled it!)

  3. I would never be brave enough to try it with much, although baked goods never steer me wrong, which is why I ditched the ice cream in favor of a tart. Thanks for the morning chuckle!

  4. I now suspect that I too made a mistake with the recipe, but without a Nana to set me straight, I simply assumed that I did not like rhubarb. Oh well, guess I am happy to hear that I was not the only one.

  5. I've always loved rhubarb and always prepared it stewed on the top of the stove with lots of sugar but the spices and the roasting technique are pretty cool, I think. The vanilla ice cream idea is a winner, also try mixing in fresh sliced strawberries, if you try making this again;-)

  6. I'm glad Nana has a new favorite dessert! And, I'm with you, Tricia. If a dessert's not tasty, there's no way I'm using my good ingredients on it. Great post!

  7. Hello, Nana and Tricia,

    Loved the duality of the finished product results. What did Nana do differently that made hers delish? Was it the lemon that soured yours (pardon the pun)? I will try making this though I've missed the last 2 posts. Made the ribs and the family enjoyed them though I thought alittle heat (as in spice) might enhance the flavor further.

  8. Always fun to pop in here and see if you two agree or disagree on a dish. At least your taste testers took a bite, Tricia...I was the only one who ate this...but since I'm a rhubarb fan, I didn't complain :)

  9. If Nana never ate rhubarb, no wonder Tricia never did. We are the products of our mothers :) Glad to see you both venturing into uncharted territory, even if the results were mixed. Tricia, what was your mistake? I only see pictures of raw rhubarb. I'm wondering if you forgot to roast it? That would be icky.

  10. I always love your posts. I liked mine, made with the orange. Ice cream would definitely make it better! Had mine with some creamy yogurt -a decent second choice.

    It's funny how difficult it seems to be to find, maybe it will make a comeback

  11. Tricia, LOL! :)) I am glad that Nana's worked out. :)

  12. Nana, Mine looked just like yours and we loved it. We served it over ice cream but I could have eaten it right out of the bowl.
    Tricia, I can't see where you went wrong. Kudos to you both for trying it!
    Very nice photos!

  13. Aw Tricia! I felt a little bad when Nana told you to throw out your batch. At least you got a laugh out of it.

  14. Great post. Two for the price of one. I'm a newbie to the group and it's the first time I purchased rhubarb. I didn't even know you could purchase it green.

  15. This is when it's particularly fun to compare your stories, Tricia and Nana! I hope you get to try this recipe again soon, and with ice cream this time!

  16. You must do a follow up when you try this recipe again. I'm dying to know what made your batch so different from Nana's. Love that Savannah bee company honey. We got the new pump and it's awesome!

  17. Nana-I'm so glad that you made it and liked it! I think it has been an under appreciated fruit because it can be bitter. Tricia - That's too bad that you got left with so many of the green stalks. I hope you will try making this again. So glad you saved your honey - I have some Savannah Bee Honey that I treat like gold and dole it out sparingly. ;)

  18. That's great that you both got such different results and that Nana could compare your product with her own. It will makes me feel that tad bit less crazy when I don't like something that everyone else seems to love in the future. lol I definitely plan to try this recipe eventually, just because I've never had rhubarb. If my supermarket ever gets some in, that is.

  19. Definitely the rhubarb's fault. Both lots look lovely, and I am with Nana - this would be fab served warm with vanilla ice-cream.

  20. Nana, I'm with you all the way! I Loved mine warm with whipped cream. Tricia, it must have been the green rhubarb? I Still think it probably tasted good:)

  21. Tricia, that's so funny! But really like your shot with the rhubarb sitting in the white snowy sugar. May not have tasted the best, but that shot looks great!
    Nana, I'm with you! The tartness of the rhubarb would taste great with cream or ice cream or both!

  22. You and Nana are too cute in the kitchen; I love reading about your kitchen episodes. As a self-pronounced rhubarb newbie, I highly recommend putting it on ice cream! I am glad I made it - that is what this group is all about. Only Dorie could convince me to make roasted rhubarb!

  23. I honestly believe rhubarb tastes best when it accompanies something else like ice cream, or as a pie filling. On it's own, it's just too tart to enjoy! I do like to read both your weekly AMFT chronicles from your own perspectives because whenever I come here, it's like reading two blogs in one. You two are most adorable!

  24. What is it with rhubarb being so hard to many of us love it but I feel like, at least around here, it is on the endangered list. As always love your post...made me laugh, and I'd love to have some with ice cream right now. Sounds delish.

  25. I loved this, but then I like anything rhubarb! I put mine in custard tarts with strawberries. I love the differing perspectives here!

  26. It was my first time buying rhubarb as well. I didn't have the foresight to google it before I went to the store. So I just guessed at picking out the stalks. I did enjoy the roasted rhubarb over ice cream.

  27. Love your dialogue and great photos! My daughter moved to south Philly about a year ago and told me this morning she saw rhubarb at Whole Foods. (Don't ask me what a college student is doing shopping at Whole Foods...!) She wants to try this recipe. Young Foodie in the making perhaps?

  28. I really loved this recipe, but I grew up eating rhubarb. I'm glad it was a hit for Nana and I'm wondering where Tricia went wrong. That's a great dish you used for roasting it, Nana - I just used an old Pyrex pie plate. Extra points for style!

  29. I was worried I wouln'nt find rhubarb in my local market too. Luckily they had a few stalks and it was red. I never would have thought about it looking so much like celery when it is under ripe so I found this very interesting...and a bit funny to read about Nana's comments to you after she'd tasted it. Nana's looks very pretty and actually your looks good too Tricia. Sorry it didn't taste quite as yummy as Nana's. BTW, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog right now with a set of 4 wine glasses that I painted. If you're interested in winning, I'd love to have you and Nana enter.

  30. Very funny that you were asked to chuck it! i think sometimes the failure stories are better than the success stories. You and Nana make a great pair.

  31. This is why it's so fun to read your results together! Same recipe - very different results! Tricia, I hope you do get to try tasting it again, and I'm very happy Nana liked it so much!