Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tourteau de Chevre & Chelsea Market

This week Nana and I not only enjoyed the adventure of testing the Tourteau de Chevre recipe, but we also took a spontaneous road trip to Manhattan to visit the Chelsea Market and Mario Batali's new food emporium - Eataly. 

We had a blast and lucked out with magnificent weather that allowed us to walk all over, including scaling up to test out the beautiful "High Line" park that is new green space created from abandoned above ground rail tracks. 

High Line

High Line near Chelsea Pier

Chelsea Market Vendor

  It was all spectacular and we made the most of our trip by coming home with "Fat Witch" Brownies (who doesn't love that name......), Eleni's cookies, Sarabeth's jams and granolas, and other wonderful goodies. 

We lunched at the James Beard foundation restaurant at the Chelsea Market and would highly recommend it - a very hearty gourmet lunch for a great value.  And that gourmet lunch included a quinoa option.  If you followed our post, the Dorie quinoa recipe was our first foray into cooking with this ingredient and we were not completely sold...but more than willing to go back and try a savory recipe.  I think we found it - the minted quinoa salad Nana was served was spectacular (I tested it too :) and we will be trying to replicate it in the future. We hope everyone's week as wonderful and inspiring as ours - and by the way, we enjoyed the Tourteau as well !

An amazing $10 meal.....

After all that running around in NYC (ok, after all the treats we brought back) we decided to get together to prepare a single Tourteau.

Nice to use that cognac again.....

We opted for the savory pastry.

Out of the oven and standing tall.

Ready for a glass of wine and a cheese course.........

Per Nana :

It was fun working on this week's recipe because Tricia
and I teamed up to make the tourteau de chevre.   

I prepared the tart dough early since it needed to be
chilled, and then during the day we
got together to work on the finished product.  

The end result was good and looked wonderful. 
 We added cognac as our flavoring and it
 really worked nicely.   I noticed that after it
 was chilled, the taste of the goat cheese came out
much stronger and was more flavorful.  
 Hubby and I enjoyed it very much.



  1. I'm so jealous of how high your tourteau de chevre rose AND that you went to NYC! OMG! Are kidding me? Eataly? It all sounds so divine. And your process photos are rock'n!

  2. What a fun trip! I am taking my girl down there for the day to celebrate her 17th birthday in a couple of weeks - a trip to Chelsea market just may have to get squeezed in between our trek to Tiffany's & Central Park.
    And you cake looks perfect! Well done, ladies.

  3. I love the top of your savory cake. Kudos for stepping outside the sweet box. And, that looks like it was such a fun trip!

  4. Tricia and Nana, yours is the puffiest cake I've seen so far. Nice job!
    It sounds like you had an amazing day in NYC. I hate going into NYC, but your itinerary makes we want to plan a trip. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oh, how I miss NYC! Chelsea Market and the Fat Witch brownie store are staples in my visits to the city. I buy Snow Witches by the dozen and - pun totally not intended - freeze them. Your torteau looks wonderful!

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time in the City!! I love Chelsea Market…My daughter use to live very close to there. Your Tourteau looks delicious! I hope you both have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. I am so jealous you got to check out all those places, especially Eataly! Your torteau is sky-high and looks delicious.

  8. I love Eataly! I can easily spend a whole day inside the store. :) I agree the tourteau makes a lovely cheese course.

  9. Oh my, I'm sooo jealous. I read about Eataly and love, love, love Mario Batali! What a great jaunt! Your tourteau looks so delicious and perfectly rustic - can't wait to bake mine tomorrow.

  10. What a wonderful trip to NYC! I'm jealous! Glad your tourteau turned out well.

  11. My daughter just returned from NYC. It was her first trip and she loved it! Your tourteau looks great, too.

  12. What a fabulous road trip...your photos are fabulous...and that lunch for $10???? Amazing. And your torteau was amazing, how the top puffed so beautifully :)

  13. Glad you ladies enjoyed your trip to NYC, my hometown :).

    The tourteau looks beautiful and fluffy - I loved the texture of the cake.

  14. Your tourteau looks wonderful, I really like this recipe and how unique each tourteau looks on all the different blogs. I'm making another one for a party next weekend. We were just in NYC and didn't make it over to Chelsea Market, for sure after reading your post, we will go next time!

  15. Sounds like a fun adventure in NYC! Your tourteau looks so tall and beautiful. Great job :)

  16. I love your post and need to hire you to be my tour guide if I ever make it "Back East"...oh my, all those wonderful places and sights and tastes...and midst it all is your tourteau...looks fabulous! You have inspired me to want to bake some more today. Totally enjoyed reading you.

  17. What a great trip! How fun!! I'm totally jealous...but am headed to Boston and New York the first week of June and will definitely have to hit up the market! Your tourteau looks fabulous and that lunch is just too die for!

  18. Totally jealous of your NYC trip! Your tourteau is stunningly beautiful.

  19. Tricia and Nana, what a fab day out in NYC for you both! And that $10 lunch was to die for...Thanks very much for sharing the sights and sons of Chelsea Market. And your beautifully-cooked tourteau is, I think, the best-looking out of the lot....I like how the crust opens up like a flower around the top!

  20. Your torteau is gorgeous - it puffed up beautifully. So jealous of your trip to NYC - I want to get back there soon.

  21. Beautiful photos of the tourteau AND NYC sites! I was drooling remembering all the offerings at Eataly.... oh, the prosciutto and salami tasting platters!

  22. What fantastic textures! And what a coincidence! The reason I'm late this week is that I was traveling to NYC for work and while there I stumbled into Eataly! True! I had sensory overload for sure but did get to eat some of the best pasta I've ever had. I hope to go back and re experience that place. Did you go to the olive oil bar?

  23. Fun trip and wonderful looking dessert! Glad you had such a great time.

  24. your tourteau looks fantastic!!! something a bit regal about it... how wonderful!!!

    I just made this today and loved it!