Friday, May 20, 2011

Bacon, Egg & Asparagus Salad

Per Nana ~
Many years ago when hubby and I started
 traveling to Paris, we always stayed at the
Prince Albert Hotel in the 1st Arrondisement.

  It was an ideal location for sightseeing- very near the
Rue de Rivoli, the Louvre and wonderful chocolatiers.
(courtesy of Hilton Harbour - Hilton.

After walking all day, we always stopped at a wonderful
wine bar - Le Rubis - on Rue St. Hyacinthe & Rue du Marche.

We would then go to a restaurant nearby,
on the Place du Marche. 
 That restaurant had the most delicious salad with a tiny
 poached egg on top and the dressing was made with
the addition of warm bacon drippings. 
It was the most wonderful salad I had ever eaten.

Which brings me to this week's recipe for FFwD, which I had to admit.....surpassed the salad I had in Paris.

When I first read the recipe for cooking the egg, I had my doubts. 
 I tried just one egg a la Dorie and hardboiled the rest.
  I did not believe the egg would be cooked, but I was so wrong. 

I gave the hardboiled egg to hubby and I add the
 6 minute egg to my plate. 
I added some bacon drippings to the dressing for extra flavor
and a few cold chickpeas that were leftover from another meal. 
 OMG, it was delicious ~

Per Tricia~
After a wedding last weekend in Brooklyn
 (Congrats Colleen and Sean !!) which was followed
up by a business trip to DC, I knew I would be cutting
 it close trying to get even salad done by Friday :) 

 I am posting this with Nana's great story that she shared
 and will update with my own results when
I make the salad for hubby....who loves this kind of stuff. 
 Right now I am trying to knock out a few more
Bacon Quiches from last week for company
that is coming tonight.  Does that give me partial credit ?


  1. I award partial credit, Tricia! I'm sure you'll get around making it soon, especially with Nana's glowing review.

  2. Full credit for you!

    Nana'a salad looks lovely.

  3. Nana, Beautiful salad! I too, hard boiled all but one egg, that I ate. It was delicious! This was a great salad! Really enjoyed your post! Tricia...I know you'll get it done…great summer salad.

  4. Chickpeas sound great in this salad! And, of course you get partial credit!

  5. I love it when food brings you right back, so concretely, to a treasured memory. That's a great story, Nana, and I'm glad that Dorie's salad actually managed to surpass your experience in Paris!

  6. Nana, I always love hearing your recollections of meals you've had in relation to many of Dorie's recipes, including this one. The addition of chickpeas sounds heavenly, in fact I once ate a salad with crunchy, FRIED chickpeas...lovely!

    Tricia, without you, we wouldn't hear Nana's story. Can't wait for your take on this salad!

  7. I'm glad you liked it and that it evoked such a nice memory, Nana!

    Tricia, I hope your husband likes this - mine loved it.

  8. I know Le Rubis VERY well, having lived in Paris for 6 years - I celebrated many a Beaujolais Nouveau there! Love that you did the oozy egg yokk too!

  9. Good idea to dry the asparagus first. I bet they grabbed on to the yolks and dressing a lot beter this way. Bacon dripping in the

  10. Your salad is picture perfect! So glad you ladies enjoyed this one! :)

  11. Hi Nana, Hi Tricia - that salad makes such a pretty picture :). As always, so happy to hear the backstory and so happy you enjoyed this recipe!

  12. It is a beautiful story, Nana, and a perfect salad!

  13. Nana, I love how you tried one egg Dorie's way and hard-boiled the rest. Did you share with Tricia since she couldn't make her own this week?

  14. That's a wonderful story Nana - I love that you can have a salad at home that surpassed the one you had in Paris!

    Tricia, I think almost all of us have had to play catch up here and there so far! I've yet to post on the Torteau de Chevre and the Quiche, myself!

  15. Love your Paris story. Paris is one of my favorite cities. Your salad looks great.

  16. I also love your Paris story. I lived in Paris almost forty years ago so I can share in your nostalgia for such a beautiful city. I think the soft egg yolk is a very French touch to this salad and gives it a unique touch, I'm glad you like it;-)

  17. I loved reading your story and hearing about the memories this recipe brought up for you!
    Fantastic photos!