Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bubble Éclairs ~ Baking Chez Moi

Per Nana ~
I have made the cream puff recipe before when we made them in 
"French Fridays with Dorie", but I'm not sure what went wrong this time.
I prepared everything per the instructions, the little puffs looked good in 
the oven, but when I transferred them to the cooling rack - they collapsed. 
I only filled one bubble with whipped cream, the remaining
 puffs actually no space to fill. Talk about flat.....

I was disappointed with the results but that will not stop me
 from trying to make cream puffs again for other recipes. 
I was able to snap a few photos, but I would not call
 this a success by any stretch of the imagination. 
Per Tricia ~
This recipe was a "rewind" (make up) for a reason.
These were originally scheduled for a busy week and no lie, 
I took one look at the title and photo and said "forget it".  
Little did I know how straight forward they would end up being. 
Not sure why I didn't choose straight lines on that pan (what was I thinking ??)
While I have distant memories of creating actual éclairs for Dorie's
I have distant memories of making éclairs some time ago with a recipe from 
 "Around My French Table". It is far easier to make "bubble" éclairs instead, 
since they are merely scooped cream puffs placed next to each other on a 
cookie sheet and then baked into one another. The typical éclairs involve
 piping the long log shapes and it was much trickier to pull off for me.
I even sprayed non stick Pam onto the scoop to hedge any sticking bets. 
 I actually picked my pearl sugar from IKEA a while back (who knew ?)
 and it was perfect topping for this dessert. I made fresh vanilla whipped 
cream for the filling.  My hubby and I expected these to be good but they 
were great- so great in fact that after we enjoyed far too many the
 others went right into the freezer ! Dangerously good....

This marks another Tuesday recipe testing as we cook along with the "Tuesdays with Dorie" online group.  Please note that we do not post the recipes, per the group rules, but we do encourage others to RUN out and buy their own copy of Dorie Greenspan's "Baking Chez Moi".  Better yet, buy the book and JOIN THE GROUP ! www.TuesdaysWithDorie.wordpress.com


  1. Nana, Yours look beautiful…sorry they did not turn out the way you expected. Tricia, you did a great job with these. They look fabulous and so delectable! I can’t wait to get back to baking…these are on my list!
    Enjoy your weekend! I will be thinking of you all!

  2. Nana, I often have trouble with my choux deflating too. My theory is that even when I think it is ready, I need to bake it some more. Haven't yet had an even strike rate on this though, and they still taste good, which is all that counts. Tricia, your bubble eclairs are so cute.

  3. Nana - choux deflating is the bane of my existence as a cookery teacher - when I am demoing mine always are fine but then my students sometimes have trouble with deflating - I think it's a matter of getting the batter "just so" and not over or under beating it and making sure you cook the flour off enough that it's nice and dry to absorb the eggs. In any case yours look wonderful, I am sorry they didn't turn out better for you. they tasted good, right? Tricia - well done - I LOVE the non-straight lines you created here - like tasty little caterpillars ;)

  4. Nana, they look perfect - it's so annoying when they deflate. Tricia, I love the way yours meander around the pan - so cute!