Friday, December 5, 2014

Tartine de Viande de Grisons

Per Nana~
The tartine that I prepared this week made me think of one of our favorite
 places in Paris called Le Rubis (1st Arr.) at 10 Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré. 
Jim and I made this a definite destination each time we visited Paris. 
After a day of sightseeing and walking all over town, 
we looked forward to relaxing a bit and would stop in 
Le Rubis in the late afternoon for a Kir Royale.  
We would order either the plat du fromage,which consisted of 
bread slathered with butter and slices of cheese spread on top, 
or a plate of country style bread with slices of charcuterie. 
It was so rustic, and absolutely delicious. 
For my tartine I used a hearty country bread, buttered and topped it 
with prosciutto. After adding walnuts I drizzled olive oil on top. I only
 prepared one tartine and served it as an appetizer before dinner. 
Simple, easy and very enjoyable.

Per Tricia~
In the midst of the holiday craziness I found that this recipe also 
had me reminiscing of Paris.  Or perhaps dreaming of a get away ? 
Either way, my mind focused on the bread as much as the toppings. 
I of course wish I could have used the famed pain Poilâne for this 
one but instead I got a hearty country loaf at the local grocery store. 
Luckily, like Nana, I was able to use my souvenir 
bread knife from a prior trip to the 6th Arr.  
A special treat was that I recently purchased a print of a Poilâne loaf
by the wonderful artist Mike Geno. He is a Philly local and a foodie at heart, 
but he has become well known for his portraits of cheese. Yes, cheese. 
They are glorious. Not one to be limited by a single food group, he has 
also done paintings of pastries, bacon and a few other delectables. 
Another favorite of mine was his cannelles painting, as I just recently made
 those little lovelies at home also. He is fabulous- do check out his link:
Now on to the tartine. With endless creative possibilities I opted to simply
 recreate the version Dorie shared with us. I would love to try the air dried beef 
(viande de grisons) she enjoyed but had to "settle" for prosciutto. The walnuts 
were a lovely addition and I drizzled walnut oil over top. Lovely, easy and a
 very good dinner along with some soup during these hectic holiday evenings.

Happy French Friday~
Taste Tester/Younger Son Chase, Tricia, Dorie, Nana
PS- for those not on Facebook, here is a shot from our visit to Dorie's 
book signing this week in Manhattan. It was phenomenal, just like her. 


  1. Love the photo of the four of you!

    And both your versions of this tartine look wonderful. No wonder you were dreaming of Paris!

  2. Nana: "le Rubis" sounds like a very lovely place to visit for a Kir Royale, plat du fromage and/or charcuterie - wish I was able to spent some time in Paris (and to think that we only live a few hours away from Paris...). be that as it may, your tartine with the lovely Italian prosciutto looks wonderful, glad that you enjoyed this as an appetizer before dinner.
    Tricia: oh that knife and the beautiful print of the loaf of bread...I have never seen these before. I will take a look at the website of this "foodie artist" - what a fabulous tartine you made and what an amazing picture of the two of you, your son and Dorie! You are very lucky indeed!
    Wishing you a very nice weekend,

  3. Chase (like his name) seemed to be enjoying his evening with Mom, Nana and Dorie. I have seen that pix on Facebook but it shows up better on your blog. Thank you for posting again. All you gals who saw Dorie on the east and west coasts were most fortunate. I wish she'd have come to Denver. Ohhhhh, those Paris memories. Whatever brings up good memories of that lovely cities deserves to be made over and over again. This was a good FFWD recipe for the Doristas this week, wasn't it? Both of your tartines look delicious.

  4. I think I walked past that cafe... wow and I didn't even think of getting a bread knife from Poilane great souvenir. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  5. I love that this has both of you dreaming of Paris! It's nice that it's so easy to be transported just before dinner. I'll bet you can find bresaola at DiBruno's. When I was at the one in Ardmore with my sister in the spring, it seemed like they had every kind of Italian delicacy. I saw it on FB, but seeming the photo again here doesn't lessen the smile it puts on my face. What a great photo.

  6. Now you've made me want to get back to Paris much more I must see and do. Both tartines look fantastic with prosciutto! And your Chase is a doll, Tricia!

  7. Thanks for taking us with you to Paris this week Nana. I seriously cannot wait to return and visit some of these spots you have mentioned in the blog over these last few years. I bet Dorie was excited to see Chase with you ladies.

    The Mike Geno prints are so cute. Makes me wish for more walls/hanging space in my kitchen.

  8. Love the potos of Paris and Dorie mixed in. For some reason I've never ordered a Tartine in Paris, but only made them at home. And your pic with Dorie is a classic! I'm so jealous.

  9. Fabulous tartines ladies. How lucky that you both met Dorie - the photo of both of you with Dorie is adorable!

  10. How did I miss that great photo of both of you with Dorie?!? How fun! My thoughts while reading through this post were along the lines of, "Mmmmm, Paris. Mmmmm, Kir Royale. Mmmmm, tartine. Mmmm, pretty poîlane loaf" and so on. So much good stuff in this post!

  11. Yea, I get to put faces with names. Glad you had a good time with Dorie. Looks like I need to get to Paris too. You both have fond memories. Thanks for the link for the prints. I would love to have pictures of food in my kitchen.

  12. Awww - love the meet up picture :-)
    Nana has me craving a Kir Royale now...