Thursday, July 24, 2014

Provençal Vegetable Soup

Per Nana~
The ingredients in this recipe are best used in summer when everything
 is so garden fresh. It was actually perfect today as the temperature 
was in the mid 70's. It is really "light" compared to a winter soup.
  I agree with Susan ( about when to
add the pasta. I always cook pasta separately, no matter what dish 
I add it to since it swells and absorbs all of the liquid. 

I am also sorry to admit but I purchased pesto in a jar as I do
 not need a  bag of pignoli nuts from Costco at $28 a bag. I finished
 dish with basil and shredded Parmesan cheese.

It was perfect with a fresh tomato salad that I topped with basil leaves. 
I just love summer and all the fresh veggies available.  
Per Tricia~
I was momentarily skeptical when I read that this week we were doing 
a soup, but only momentarily. I loved the idea of using the summer's 
bounty in any way I could .....and this did not disappoint.

 A great recipe choice, selected by fellow Dorista Teresa ( 

                     Prep was a bit time consuming but since the recipe called for items
                          going in every 10 minutes or so, I always seemed to have just 
                             the perfect amount of time to get the next item in the pot.

I also planned to skip the homemade pesto and just go with basil garnish, 
but changed my mind at the last minute. And I am ever glad I did.
 Dorie's pesto recipe was lovely and we enjoyed it in the soup, on the toasted
 bread (along with more cheese :) and tomorrow it will be in a pasta dish. 
This recipe was a great reminder that soup is the perfect way to 
use up what is on hand- even summer's fresh bounty. 


  1. Nana and Tricia!! Both soups look FAB and great to have both your company again!

  2. Two terrific soups! Love how versatile this one is! Happy weekend to you both!

  3. Your soups look delicious! And while I bought pine nuts this time around, I usually make my pesto with toasted walnuts. In fact, I might actually like my walnut version better.

  4. This is such a great recipe - glad you both enjoyed it :)

  5. This was a great summery soup! I really enjoyed it! So glad to see the two of you back again…missed you in the city…next time! Both of your soups look mouthwatering! Happy Friday!!

  6. Glad you enjoyed this too... great pictures, you really captured the colors. I am really can't wait to meet you both, the Dorista's I was with in NYC had such wonderful things to say about the mom and daughter team.

  7. Agree with loving soup made with "summer's fresh bounty". Great photos. I made a full recipe and I am glad I did, we enjoyed the leftovers.

  8. Both of your soups look fabulous!! And all of those fresh vegetables! Lovely. I'm with you both, I loved this soup, I thought it was really delicious, and will definitely make again.
    Tricia, I did the same thing, thought about buying a jar of pesto, then just made my own, since I had basil, albeit not the "right" variety sitting on my counter - Thai and cinnamon, but it was wonderful with the soup. So happy you all enjoyed this one!

  9. Nana - I love your pictures this week!! : )

    this was great, wasn't it?? I love the thought of putting the pesto on the bread! : ) with cheese, of course!

  10. I am loving both of these sunny, summery soups ladies - great job.

  11. Beautiful soup, both of you. I made my pesto with walnuts, and left out the cheese, so I like the idea of sprinkling some on top. Miss you last weekend, but look forward to seeing you another tie. We had a great time.

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  13. I agree. I was skeptical at first, but this was a great way to use summer produce. I love how flexible the recipe is. Any kind of summer vegetable would probably work.

  14. Your photos are gorgeous! We loved this soup, and I am glad you two loved it too.

  15. Oh, of course, Tricia. You, who are working, renovating and getting settled in a new house, caring for a family and blah, blah, blah would make your own pesto. Really? Did you have to? Your Mom and I used the jar-method. How do you think it makes us feel that you went all homemade on us. I must admit that both the Nana version and the Tricia version look darn tasty. Beautiful pictures. I will only forgive you for this oneupsmanship, Tricia, because I am so happy to have you both back among the Dorista clan. I hope things are continuing to improve in your neck of the woods.

  16. Beautiful soup pictures.
    I am so,so glad you both are back with us.
    Tricia, you get full dispensation from making your own pesto. Shortcuts are a survival skill. Never forget that...

  17. Both sets of photos are beautiful! I love how fresh and vibrant the vegetables are in this soup, too. And I have to admit, I love pesto whether it's homemade or store-bought.

    I finally managed to post about this one this week (though I'd had the photo hanging around for a while). And Tricia, I wish I'd had some of that beautiful bread to have with the soup and pesto.