Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines

Per Nana~
I planned to skip this week's recipe selection because of the scallops 
but changed my mind. Hubby and I do not eat scallops but, I thought 
since Tricia has one of her taste testers available, this could work.  
I used tiny bay scallops instead of the larger ones and actually asked the
 fishmonger for less than 1/2 pound. Working with the puff pastry was 
easy, but I only made two rounds. I totally followed the recipe for one 
of the rounds, but on the second I substituted Dubliner cheese for Hubby. 
He loved it. The melting cheese on top of the onion was perfect. 
Since the scallops on the one tarte were so small, I decided to taste
 it myself and actually did eat the whole tarte. It was delicious ! 
My grandson now has to wait for Tricia to prepare this week's recipe. 
If these tartes were smaller, I think they would make great hors d'oeuvres 
which could be prepared ahead and popped into the oven at the last minute.
 I will definitely do this one again. 
Also, last week my fellow Dorista Mary was a bit confused about our post
 missing some photos, so I add them to this week's post and hope I have cleared it 
up. Only teasing, you can see, they switched places while cooking. 
Per Tricia~
Yes, I luckily had one son home on Spring break and since he is
 a scallop fan- he enjoyed these along with his father.
From my stash of Wallingford Meat Locker -cob smoked bacon. YUM.
 I do not like scallops (yes, I have tried them on 
several occasions) so I took a pass. 
But I did wonder why I have not made the puff pastry with
 bacon/onion combo sans scallops- they looked and smelled amazing. 
I went with red onions and the color was gorgeous.
My taste testers LOVED these and while the dry pack sea scallops 
can be a bit pricey, spreading them out in slices as topping was a 
very economical way to enjoy them. This one is a keeper.  

Happy French Friday  !


  1. I am with you on preferring these sans scallops - the onion and bacon part was delish, but I just didn't get the scallops on top. I like nana's cheese sub-in. Have a great weekend ladies!

  2. Yes, that onion and bacon relish was FAB and I love the cheese sub by Nana too!

  3. Love the cheese idea, Nana! I was wishing i had some cheese melted on top of mine, but cheddar (all I had) didn't seem like a good choice. Looks pretty with the red onions.

  4. Yes the bacon and onion combo is fabulous and I love Nana's idea with the cheese :)

  5. I think I would have loved the cheese option! Glad you enjoyed these. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. The pork & onion combo was a definite winner.

    Nana- it was very thoughful of you to solve Mary's chicken mystery :-)

  7. Nana - I think that I would have preferred the version which you made for your husband.

    And Tricia - I have actually made the pissaladiere recipe a few times, subbing puff pastry for the pizza dough, and it is delicious. You should indeed try it maybe just further sub bacon for the anchovies. It sounds like magic. Bet it tastes like it too:-)

  8. Bill and I both enjoy scallops so that was not my problem…however he does not eat onions! Soooo! Nana, I love how you adapted the one for your husband with cheese…sounds yummy! I’m also glad you enjoyed yours.
    Tricia, The red onions look beautiful…so glad both of your men enjoyed them! I could actually see a few combos for these as appetizers! A keeper in my house! Have a great weekend, Ladies!

  9. Bill would have loved Nana's cheese version, though I was quite pleased not to have to share!

  10. You are all sports, with your different likes and dislikes, to try this one. Glad that it was a success all around. I particularly liked the onion topping and I'm glad to know it works well with cheese instead of scallops. I'm going to try that. Tricia, definitely try the puff pastry recipe. I can't get over how do-able it was. Have a great weekend, ladies!

  11. Its no stretch to say I could have eaten a bowl full of the onions and bacon. But this tart underwhelmed. I didn't even like the way it looked. Squishy scallops!

  12. I like the substitution of Dubliner for scallops on this one, Nana. I think Kevin would have eaten it if I'd made it that way. And Tricia, the red onions look beautiful on the puff pastry!

  13. Of course I had to go back to see the hens... I love the idea of the stuffing crisping up by having direct contact with the cast iron skillet.

    The Dubliner/onion combo must have been wonderful, Nana. Kudos for having tried the scallops even though they aren't your favorite.

    The caramelized red onions look so dramatic, Tricia. Glad to hear you and the boys enjoyed it. And as usual, GREAT plate!

  14. I did not get far enough to make these this week. I've been puppy-sitting and getting my Mom to/through the airport. Poor excuses, I'm sure. Your dishes look lovely. Nana, good call on the Dubliner cheese (which is delicious altogether). Both takes on this look terrific.

  15. You got me thinking that I might like this with brie instead of scallops. Cheese might truly be the way to go on this.

  16. Nana: how nice that you prepared a second version for your husband - I just prepared the tarts with thinly sliced scallops for all but scaled them down to appetizer size, that way, my darling taste testers could have just skipped the appetizer - but I am sure they they would have loved these with melted cheese too!
    Tricia: red onions are of course gorgeous on this - I went with French scallions instead, I thought that our onions might overwhelm the lovely seafood - your tarts look absolutly fabulous, so elegant and perefect! How nice that one of your sons was home for spring break and enjoyed these as well!
    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
    Greetings form sunny Bonn!

  17. I skipped this one - not a big fun of scallops or any type of seafood anyway - but I am game for the puff pastry, bacon and cheese combo! Both your dishes look fabulous!!!

  18. Thank you, Rosemarie, for adding an additional picture. I am sure those hens were confused also. I just thot you had sliced them in half. Glad they entered and exited the frying pan as a whole entity. Good call on making these smaller. These would be better as "small bites", I think. Then you could do shrimp, scallops and a cheese or two and the guests could pick and choose. (I like it when everyone is happy.) Although Andrea is right about not overcooking scallops (which I did), it's hard to take the Midwest our of the midwestern girl. We never had much fish but when we did, it was always either out-of-a-box or well-cooked. Your onion sauce looks as yummy as mine does only prettier. Next time I'll use red onions.

  19. What great ideas, you both. I love the red onions (so pretty!) and love the idea of serving smaller versions of these as appetizers. The size made them kind of hard to eat; a bite-sized version would have been perfect.

  20. I love scallops but don't get them often. I only bought 1/4 lb and made two of these tartes. They were mighty tasty. Yes, will also make again. I like that used red onions.

  21. What a great twist using the cheese on top! Yum!