Thursday, October 3, 2013


Per Nana~
This is a recipe that I was looking forward to making. There is absolutely nothing in it that I do not like, including anchovies. However I did not know that there was such a thing as a niçoise olive, which is only grown in the area of the Cote d'Azur on the French Riviera, but I came across some at the salad bar in Wegmans. I was actually going to substitute some Kalamata olives instead.

I used the baby Yukon gold potatoes rather than the fingerling because the fingerling came in all colors. Somehow, purple potatoes did not appeal to me. After I assembled the salad I dressed it with a vinaigrette using oil from the California Olive Ranch, which had an oil tasting presentation at the IFBC. It is a tasty oil and it blended nicely in the dressing. Hubby and I both enjoyed this for dinner and will definitely make this recipe again.

I just want to add that Tricia, our friend Patty ( and I attended the "Lo Salt" product session at the conference and it was very interesting. It is a Scottish company that now holds quite a bit of the UK salt market, as it was introduced there in the early 80's.  They are now expanding into the US. The product has 66% less sodium than regular salt and the taste is great. Today I switched the salt in our shaker and hubby never noticed the difference. 
Per Tricia~
This was a delight because it reminded me that I need to change up the usual salads I make, and that even items usually on hand can make a big difference. I am familiar with the veritable salad Niçoise but can't think of the last time I prepared one at home.

You can look thoroughly at the photos but you still won't find an anchovy. Sorry but I just don't care for them. I tried to "dig deeper" and try something new by venturing into what was described as outstanding sushi at the IFBC. As wonderful as it was, two bites was enough. I was just not a fan of the texture but I consider my effort to expand my horizons to count for the next few recipes that include items on my do-not-call list...starting with anchovies :) 
Dorie's Nicoise salad recipe got two thumbs up in our house. Hubby and I both loved it. A repeat for sure, and I will also be using her vinaigrette recipe more frequently too.

PS- I also enjoyed the LoSalt presentation ( have been using the samples they gave us for all my cooking. The taste is wonderful and after hearing the presentation from their sweet rep (with the distinctive Scottish accent), I find this an easy way to do something good for our health. 

Happy French Friday !


  1. You ladies make me laugh :-)

    I have been rifting on this salad all summer - it is amazing what you can do with pantry "stuff".

  2. Hey I had to dig pretty deep to make this one since I dislike tuna with a passion and this is the THIRD tuna recipe in so many weeks... So no anchovy for Mr Neil this week!

  3. Lovely to see two versions of the salad on one posts, awesome!

  4. I'm with you Nana everything in this salad is loved by me a true feast of the Mediterranean. I wish I could find those olives. Tricia I realized too that my salads have gotten a bit boring. Cheers to good salad.

  5. I'm glad you both enjoyed this. I did too! I'll admit, Scottish accents make me swoon! Nana, you seem to find everything at Wegman's. I can't wait until the one here opens at the end of 2014. Tricia, what else is on your do-not-call list? The thought of making one makes me laugh.

  6. WOW, Im glad that the Lo-Salt made an impact! I gave all my samples to my mom since I really dont use salt much in my cooking. Just grew up that way. I can tell you, from all my years living in England, if they used Lo-Salt, you wouldn't have ever known it! :)

    Your salads both look great ladies and anchovies are fantastic! Although I will say Tricia, that there are some brands that really taste terrible... :)

  7. Both of you made fab looking salads, anchovies or no anchovies.

  8. Well played, ladies! I'm so happy you were able to find the actual Niçoise olives at the supermarket. I had to make do with the regular black ones this week. I loved the anchovies in mine... all the other milder flavors needed that salty kick.

    I did spot some LoSalt in the shelf at our local health food/supermarket chain (a Whole Foods light)! I should have taken a sample for my parents.

  9. Nana: what a fabulous presentation of this classic French salad - it looks so fresh and delcious that I feel that I should run in the kitchen and get started on making some again right away - we also enjoyed this recipe very much!
    Tricia: gorgeous presentation with great color - so nice that we all seem to have agreed on that wonderful salad recipe - I skipped the anchovies too - my guests requested that I leave them off, so I happily obliged! I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for your absolutely amazing comment last week and all the other weeks - you certainly make me proud to be part of this wonderful group!
    Whishing you a fabulous week!

  10. Glad you both enjoyed this, too! I loved the anchovies, but I think that would be a deal breaker with the hubby. Tricia, I did witness you trying sushi...quite admirable as I may not have been so daring if I hadn't tried it decades ago :)

  11. I'm so glad that you both enjoyed this one. Tricia, I'm with you on the anchovies. I sometimes don't mind if they're in things (like caesar salad dressing), but I just can't make myself eat them whole.

  12. This salad was a total winner in my house. Even though I don’t do anchovies…my hubby loves them! His salad is the one I photographed! Both of your salads look wonderful…glad they were well received. are braver than me…no sushi…not now..not ever! Can I say again how wonderful it was to meet you both! It was a great weekend!