Friday, April 12, 2013


Our last post.......till we return from France in early May :)
Nana's "Yankee Doodle" financiers......Taking advantage of some
 of the odds and ends of ingredients left from our   recent recipes, I decided
 to use Dorie's "bonne idee"  and make the chocolate financiers.
I thought this was going to be a tricky recipe but it all came together easily.  
 The most important part was making beurre noisette, and even that 
worked for me.  I lined my mini muffin tins with paper rather than butter 
and flour, and they turned out great. I was afraid they might stick to the 
paper but they didn't. As I was chopping the chocolate into smaller pieces 
I realized that I did not have the 5 ounces called for, so I substituted 2 tsp
 of Hershey's cocoa.  It actually worked quite well and made a lovely ganache.
  When they came out of the oven all I thought about was stuffing them with 
whipped cream- they looked like Drake's Yankee Doodle cupcakes.
I actually did serve some with cream and they were good. 
This is a fun recipe and I am definitely going to the vanilla
 version and see how that works out. 
Per Tricia:
Sorry all, I couldn't swing this even if Nana had delivered my little
 tupperwares  of ingredients this week - but for a very good reason.  
Today is my last work day before taking a 3 week vacation with Nana 
to enjoy France.  Hence the downward spiral in my leaving comments 
(sorry  all !!)  and then being able to even get to the recipe.   Things are 
hectic at work and  home as we plan our adventure and we look forward to
 sharing our adventures when  we return in early May.
I will leave you with photos I took this weekend while waiting for my son
 to take a life guarding class.I took advantage of having to drive him an hour 
away and then kill time - so I  road tripped a bit further to the charming town
 of Lambertville, NJ.  I was stalking looking for the "Canal House Cooks"
 location and hoping they had something open to the public. 
Nothing (yet) open for their fans, but a glorious day to be in a lovely town 
and I did manage some paparazzi shots of their location. They have an 
amazing site & wonderful cookbooks if you have not already checked them out.
  PS- Kathy, the Canal House ladies were at the Bridgewater Commons 
mall's Williams Sonoma a week or two ago, but Nana and I couldn't 
swing it !  But we thought of you !! And Mary- I know you get their lunch
 emails so I was thinking of you as I stalked checked out their place :)


  1. Nana - I think I should try the chocolate version now...didn't care much for mine, but I've become quite the food snob and very critical of my cooking. Both of you, enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to see photos and read stories.

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  3. Have fun in France. I really enjoyed using Clotilde's Edible Adventure's in Paris to help plan my day. Do you have it?

    1. We don't- I will have to Kindle it at this date :) HUGE thanks for the tip !!!!!

  4. Nana -your chocolate financier version looks good!!!Tricia-sounds like you are a busy gal these days!!
    Have a blast in France-I'm so envious and can't wait to hear about your adventure;-)

  5. I really can't wait to hear back from you when you get back! What fun! That chocolate looks so darn good! Safe travels!

  6. Oh my- what a fabulous journey you are embarking on- cant wait to hear about it! I still await my 1st trip to France. Those chocolate financiers look pretty special- any Frenchman would be proud of you, I dare say!

  7. Bon voyage! Have fun in France, we look forward to your report.

  8. Nana: what lovely chocolate financiers with whipped cream - they look delicious! I wanted to wish youthe best of holidays and a fantatsic trip to beautiful France. I know that you will share tons of pictures and wonderful stories when you return! If your travels happen to take you close to the French/German border, do give me a shout or send me an email, please (andrea

  9. I love the whipped cream topping! Cute!

  10. Enjoy your trip, ladies. Three weeks - wow!
    Tricia - I swear, I see all the best stuff when I am just hanging around waiting for my kids :-)

  11. Bon Voyage! Can't wait to hear all about it. Nana, your chocolate financiers look great, and Tricia, you'll have to make financiers when you come back. I get the Canal House Cooks Lunch emails too. They know how to eat (and cook). No PBJ for them.

  12. Nana, your chocolate financiers look fabulous. Now, on to the more important thing: France.
    Have a wonderful time. I will be going to Paris after you return so send me any tips or must-dos, please. I actually think I have the Clotilde's book in my France moving box so will go check after writing this. Tricia, thank you for the CH pictures. Now I have a image of where they work. I e-mailed Kathy about the WS signing but she told me she was too far away. So sorry you didn't meet them but you cannot do everything (although you and Nana almost manage to pull that off - the doing everything). Now must go look for Clotilde Bon Voyage
    We look forward to pictures and commentary when you return.

  13. Tricia - Just found it "Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris - stacked up with my France info. Off to bed with visions of French sugarplums in my head!

    1. Thanks a ton !! Just bought the Kindle edition and it is now on my Ipad for Nana and I to enjoy on the flight !! We are also so happy to hear you are traveling there as well - enjoy and we will all catch up in Seattle :)

  14. Oh ladies…I am so jealous…a mother-daughter trip to France has to be a wonderful event! Nana, Your Financiers look gorgeous…I am looking forward to making the chocolate version. I loved the plain…so elegant and delicious!
    Tricia, I have been to Lambertville many times and have never seen The Canal House…I will be looking for it next time I get down that way!
    Safe travels to you both. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  15. Oh MY! I must try these in the chocolate version sooN!

  16. And have a great time in France - can't wait to hear all about it!

  17. What lovely financiers - and enjoy your holiday!!!

  18. I've just gotten around to making these this week and now I want to try the chocolate version - stuffing them with whipped cream sounds divine!