Monday, December 17, 2012

Chicken, Apples and Creme a la Normande

Better late than never.....

Per Nana~

The combination of the ingredients in this recipe were good, 
the aroma while cooking was fantastic, and the plated dish 
was impressive, however I really did not like it. 

First, I  do not care for chicken in any form lately, maybe, 
because that was always a go to meal when you had know idea 
what else to prepare.  Secondly, I think if I opened a can of Campbell's 
cream of mushroom soup, added apples and brandy, it would have
 been quicker. That said, I know I will not attempt this one again.
I  am curious to see what everyone else has to say, since we 
all have different tastes regarding these recipes.
On to the cheez-it-ish crackers......

Per Tricia~
Sorry all but I am down for the count with an abscessed tooth :( 
 Didn't get the recipe done and fell behind posting 
Nana's results (sorry Nana !!)
I do want to add a positive note and it is a big one. 
 The FFWD Holiday Card exchange has been AMAZING. 
 I am so pleased that Nana and I decided to participate in this.
  It has been extra special to share "snail mail" with our Friday 
Friends from around the world. Granted, I still haven't gotten 
my regular cards out yet, but such is life......

Happy French Friday Monday !


  1. Awww, Tricia. I hope you are finding some relief. Tooth trouble is the worst.
    Nana - I thought this was okay, but probably won't put it in regular rotation. I know what you are saying about chicken!
    Have a great week, ladies!

  2. Kudos for trying it anyway, Nana! Feel better soon, Tricia!

  3. Oh Tricia, sorry you are suffering with an abscessed tooth - feel better soon so you can enjoy the holidays. Nana, sorry you didn't enjoy this one - we loved it a lot. But, each to their own, right? I am loving the card exchange too - though due to some unexpected events last week, I only just got them out yesterday. They'll be "New Year's" cards à la française...

  4. Sorry you didn't like this one, Nana. Hope you feel better, Tricia. What a time of year not to want to be eating... I feel the same about the card exchange. How fun to open the mailbox everyday and see what surprise is in there. Have a good week, ladies!