Friday, November 23, 2012

Herbed Olives

So simple and so special ~

Per Nana~
There is nothing in my book that makes a house smell so delicious 
as olive oil and garlic warming on the stove. Add a few coriander 
seeds, fennel seeds and black pepper corns, what's not to like.
This almost seemed to me to be more of an Italian specialty
 than French. Either way, we loved it. I used what was available in 
my pantry, stuffed green olives and a can of pitted black olives.
Now that I tried and loved the recipe, I am going to try some pitted 
Kalamata olives and other types of olives to vary the recipe.
This would make a wonderful addition to any anti pasta selection.
It also reminded me of the little dishes of olives that were served to 
 us in Portugal along with some delicious breads.

Per Tricia~
Loved everything about this. 
Simple, easy to find (or have on hand ingredients), great aroma 
when preparing, keeps for a while and tastes delish. I was surprised
 to read that the spices were to be warmed in a dry pan. 
I re-read that part of the recipe several times. Just as Dorie said,
 the warmed dry ingredients created a lovely aroma.
 A winner all around. And with a busy Thanksgiving week-
 the ease of this recipe was especially appreciated.  
Hope all the Doristas had a lovely holiday !


  1. Glad to hear these were a hit all around.
    Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

  2. Glad you both enjoyed! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I do think it was the smells that I loved the most about this. I'm a new olive convert and really love the fun olives at the olive bar. I'm glad to know this one but I don't think I want to give up the ritual of choosing some at the market each week to try.

  4. So true, the smell of garlic cooking in olive oil usually leads to something delicious. I loved this one too.

  5. Yes the smells of the toasting spices was delicious :)

  6. I love the look of your olives and the aromas in the kitchen were wonderful, too.

  7. Yes, don't you wish that you could bottle up the smell to share on your blog? I'm glad you both loved this. Me too!

  8. We loved this recipe too! I agree the spices smelled wonderful and I think this would be a fun recipe to play around with in the future;-)

  9. A mix of olives looks wonderful and I agree that olive oil and garlic have the best aroma! Great dishes both of you! Have a great weekend

  10. Looks great! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Tricia and Nana: both your plates full of Marinated Mediterranean Olives, with strips of orange or lemon and all the different varieties of olives look utterly delicious!

    Hope you and your families celebrated a terrific Thanksgiving!

  12. We really liked these too! So glad that you enjoyed these! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Nana, just a quick note about my turkey liver pate. I didn't do anything exotic, it's similar to chopped chicken liver pate I make by simply pulsing a sauteed onion, a hard-boiled egg, and cooked liver in the food processor until almost smooth. In this case, I used the liver that came with our turkey instead of chicken livers. Let me know if you try it!

  14. Nana, you brought up all sorts of memories with your comments on the pungent and flavorful olives. Didn't you just love the process? It's nice to know that we can pull some run-of-the-mill olives out of the cupboard and make them into something special. Tricia, glad your family is into olives and that they enjoyed your efforts. This was fun to do. I hope your Thanksgiving was fun as well as relaxing. A little time off for you.

  15. I also loved the smell of my house with those wonderful spices and herbs warming on the stove. Both of your olives look perfectly delicious! Tricia…your boys are becoming quite gourmet! Nice job ladies!! Hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving!