Friday, May 11, 2012

Provençal Olive Fougasse

This one will be filed under - enjoyed it but would turned this page in the
 book were it not for "French Fridays with Dorie".  Coming out of our comfort
 zones is one of the things we enjoy most about this experience.
Per Nana~

This week's recipe for FFWD is Provençel olive fougasse. 
I found fresh rosemary and delicious kalamata olives at Giant supermarket 
which were already pitted - which saves a lot of time.
I checked the recipe early and realized if I made it after dinner, 
by the  time  "Dancing With The Stars" finished
at 10 PM  EST, I could stir it and refrigerate over night.
This morning I halved the recipe, and found the dough so easy to 
work with. It rolled out perfectly and baking it was a snap.
I baked them separately so that when I went to Tricia's house
 for dog walking I could bring her family a treat.  
I added some crushed black pepper to the second piece of dough to 
give it a taste similar to an Italian tarallini (which is a round breadstick)  
and it worked  beautifully.  Very tasty.
Since bread is my favorite food item in the whole world, 
guess who ate the most.......
Per Tricia~
Yes, if you have not already figured out from prior posts ....
where Nana hand delivers measured  "Dorie Ingredients"....
the fact that she comes over to help with my Pug and Westie
 and delivers fresh fougasse should indicate how spoiled I am. 
 Not a bad life.  Although the preview of the delicious fougasse
 ensured that I could not take a pass on this one
 since my family now wanted it ~
Overall it was a very forgiving recipe. 
 Bread can be tricky but any recipe that allows for tv watching
 or "kid from school pickup" in between the steps is great in my book. 
 My husband and I particularly like Kalamata olives so this was 
a sure bet for us.  The kids enjoyed the bread in general.  
I had used the lemon zest and was surprised at how much
 I enjoyed the aroma - it was truly a lovely combination 
that as usual, I would not have thought of myself.
I would definitely consider making this again but I would not 
do it for company per se, as my creations were a bit too 
artistic (code for did not roll out into rectangle as desired) 
for "prime time" sharing.
One last funny note.  In last week's post Nana referenced that
 the fougasse would be a "whole new story".  This is hilarious.  
Even I was wondering what story she was going to tell this week 
 (I can't seem to remember yesterday lately......) but figured it 
had to do with our trip to Nice last year since olives were the
 theme.  Nope. No story.  She simply meant that the fougasse was
 an adventure for another day kind of thing- not that we had already
 had a specific adventure (relating to fougasse, anyway).   We 
were enjoying a dinner out in Princeton earlier this week after 
watching the kids play lacrosse and she casually mentioned that 
commenters were looking forward to the "story". I explained that I 
was as well and when she clarified what happened I accused her of 
"baiting the Doristas" and we both had a great laugh over the whole thing.
Happy French Friday ~


  1. Ah, Nana did a bait and switch :-)
    Happy mother's day, ladies! Have a great weekend.
    (It sounds like Nana does a good job of spoiling, hopefully, a little bit of that will come back her way - although, I am sure the spoiling is well-deserved...)

  2. Love this blog! It's like getting two blogs in one! The breads look great, ladies, and I am sure there will be some other interesting stories in the future.

  3. Both are gorgeous! So glad that everyone enjoyed them. :)

  4. You ladies have such a great are a breath of fresh air in this too busy world. We also enjoyed this bread and I always enjoy your stories and experiences. You bring lots of smiles. I'm looking at things I can tweek for the next time I bake this bread and I'm getting good ideas from reading today's dough was a bit too soft and sticky and I'm seeing that other Doristas created nice balls of dough that could actually be a little more flour next time and then mine will be company ready.

  5. Ha ha very funny trying to trick the Doristas;-) We liked this olive fougasse recipe too! I didn't find the dough difficult to handle and I rolled it out fairly thin before slashing it. My favorite part were the crispy edges, I'm not sure if everybody's fougasse was the same, that's the way it usually is with homemade bread, one recipe that comes out differently for each person who bakes it.

  6. Nana and Tricia - both of your Provencal Olive Fougasses look delicious! All the photos are great - the different steps of preparation as well as the final fougasses. When reading your posts I always think how lucky you two are to have such an absolutely wonderful relationship, hats off to that and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Nana and Tricia…both of these breads look wonderfully delicious! Nana…loved the addition of the black pepper…I will have to give that a try! I’m also a DWTS fan.
    Wishing you both a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  8. It looks like both breads turned out wonderfully! So glad to hear you both enjoyed it. :)

  9. Very cute story. :) I'm glad that both of you enjoyed this. What I loved the most was that we could be creative with the shape of the dough. Both of yours look wonderful.

  10. Glad you you and Nana love it. I do love it and enjoyed making them too. Happy Mother's Day and have a wonderful weekend.

  11. The breads turned out great and I agree that the black pepper is a good addition. The story here is that you´re both having a blast cooking together!! Keep it up

  12. Both loaves look great! Happy Mother's Day!

  13. It sounds like you both spoil each other. Lucky girls! Nice job on the fougasses, story or not. Have a Happy Mother's Day, both of you.

  14. Both loaves look lovely! We really enjoyed this recipe and I think it's perfect for sharing.

    (By the way, my dog's favourite person is my mother - when she comes to visit (or we go there), Roxy is beside herself with joy.)

  15. Wow! looking great ladies!!! :) glad you liked!

    Alice @

  16. Too funny! Both of your breads look delicious! We really enjoyed this recipe also, and will be making it again soon (especially since I have left-over olives)!

  17. Both of your breads look excellent, I would definitely serve them to company! Although any company at my house has to be okay with the rustic look :-)