Thursday, November 3, 2011

20 Minute Honey Glazed Duck Breasts

This was a great introduction to preparing duck for us - simple ingredients, easy prep and quick cooking time.  This recipe was a hit all around ~

Per Nana:

If I submit another blog about not ever doing, tasting 
 or using another item that has appeared in any recipe
 from FFWD,  I will really have all you Doristas wondering
 what I have been doing for 80 years !

That said - I had never tasted duck before.
I truly love it. 
 Hubby has been telling me for years how fatty
and greasy it was when he last ate it (on an airplane???)
 so I never attempted to cook it before.

Over the years (with various failed diets) I have come
to dislike  chicken with a passion.  Thinking this
would be similar, I was not initially enthused. 
Turkey I can handle - once a year, cause I know
there is pumpkin pie at the end.

This recipe, however, is a winner.

After preparing the breast I sliced it and it was quite rare. 
 However, I asked hubby to please try one slice "as is"
and the rest I zapped in the microwave to make everyone happy. 
 (After 57 years of marriage, I have picked up a few tricks)

Surprisingly, we both enjoyed it  rare.  
The sauce was drizzled over the meat
 and it was wonderful.

The preparation was very simple, truly
 fast food, and quite elegant to serve.

Per Tricia:

 As much as I enjoyed cooking this recipe and the
family's raves over the results - I have to share my
 favorite part of this French Friday. 

 Nana ran reconnaissance to secure the duck breast for us
 and that certainly kept us on schedule - ahead in fact. 
My younger son walked in after school and football
find me with the "Dorie book" out and an unidentified substance
on the counter.  "What's that ?"  I responded that it was duck. 
 All of a sudden he got a very confused look on his face
and said - with great alarm- "wait - what day is it ??" 

 Yup - my attempting to complete the recipe on a Wednesday
 had THAT affect on the household.  My second favorite part
 of this dish was that the duck breast came from the company
(D'Artagnan) Nana and I visited in the Chelsea Market earlier this
year - so great memories were associated with that. 
 Yup, this dish was bound to be a winner !

This recipe was everything Dorie said it would be and as usual,
everything behaved as Dorie told us it would.  And boy, was I
glad I used that big iron ware casserole as Dorie wisely suggested
 - that duck did indeed splatter everywhere when cooking. 
My family agreed that this sauce was even better
 than they anticipated.  With the strong ingredients of fresh
 lime juice and balsamic vinegar in the mix, my husband was
 particularly surprised at how well they all complimented each
 other without one overpowering the flavors. 
 I would make this again in a heartbeat - if duck ever goes on sale :)


  1. Nana, I do have to wonder where you've been your whole duck??? Poor thing. I'm so glad Dorie's helping you "see the world". :) Tricia, if you find that duck sale, let me know...I want to stock up. Love both of your great photos...looks super yummy!

  2. Both of your duck looks great! I had no idea duck breasts were so huge. Or maybe they just look huge in your pics. Glad everyone enjoyed them, especially since they're so expensive!

  3. LOL, I love that "if duck ever goes on sale" ... my duck was expensive too! And I only bought two breasts!! This has just inspired me to practice breaking down poultry so that I can save money and get all the cuts of meat I love out of a whole duck to stretch my "buck," err "pound" further! Great job ladies!

  4. Both of your dishes came out beautifully!

    I just assumed that since I live in the southwest desert that it was only expensive here.

    So glad you enjoyed this - so did I!

  5. Those are two mighty fine duck dishes there! Love the golden crispy skin. My poultry store sold me a leg - not sure how you can confuse that with a breast, but it happened.

  6. Don't feel bad Nana, I honestly don't think I had ever tried duck either before moving to Germany. I have the feeling that it is simply not as common a menu item in the US. And now, since this is one of my husband's favorite foods, we eat it somewhat regularly.

    Happy to hear that this one was a hit in both houses, both of your dishes look delicious.

  7. Wow they both look great. Mine went ugly grey by the time I took my pictures but I was pleased that I now know how to cook duck breast properly.

  8. I've never cooked duck either, and I know it can be quite expensive. I'm glad this recipe worked out for you!

  9. This was definitely not an every day meal :-)
    Glad it was a hit for you both.
    And Nana - I am sure you probably have a few food items up your sleeve that most of us have probably never cooked with before. Your Feast of the 7 Fishes alone has that covered :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies.

  10. Nana, I would have thought you'd had duck while in Europe! Airplane duck does sound scary. My husband and I must have had our fill while in France last year. I was very sad I had to sit out on this one - no duck at any of the specialty butchers within a twenty mile radius of my home.

    Tricia, your son's double take on the calendar was funny - and not unlike what happens at my house. If I don't get around making the Dorie recipe the Sunday before, I'm always scrambling on Thursday.

  11. I'm so jealous of your photos! I need a sharper knife because your score marks look fantastic!

  12. Wow...I could not get a duck in time for this Friday :( Dorie has such a simple recipe for this duck dish and yet the end result turned out to be such an elegant piece ! I will definitely try this out when I get the duck breast! :)

  13. Both of you did an incredible job on this one - your sear and perfectly cooked breasts have me craving this dish again already, but with a cherry port sauce this time ;-) Nana, welcome to duck!

  14. You two got magret de canard!! That's the breast from ducks destined for foie gras so the meat is especially fatty. I'm jealous.

    Tricia, your son's reaction really made me laugh. Funny how expectation works, no?

    Both of your finished dishes look mouthwatering. Awesome!

  15. Your ducks look fantastic! Dorie always comes through, doesn't she? Nana, even though you waited 80 years to try duck, now you know you love it. I'm glad you found out. While I agree the duck was pricier than chicken, it wasn't more expensive than getting Chinese takeout for dinner, and so much more delicious (not that it will be part of a regular rotation, but will appear again for a special occasion).

  16. Really enjoyed reading both of your experiences with the duck breast! They turned out beautifully, and I've heard from many that the D'arangtuan products are great - so I bet the flavor was top notch. Funny how we get in routines and dates - loved reading about your son's reaction to the date change.
    Happy French FRiday!

  17. Both of your ducks look beautiful! Nana: The last time I had duck it was very fatty and greasy, but I think it was a duck leg and I remember there not being a whole lot of meat. Was so happy the duck breast was another matter altogether! What a cute story about your son, Tricia.

  18. Wow...that was really good ! I gave this a miss coz the poultry seller doesnt sell just the breast, she insist that I take home the whole duck, thus I have to forgo this recipe ....arrrgh looking at yours I should have taken the whole duck home :) but I shall try it when the next time I get a whole duck...that is when the kids are home for their sem break. For today , I shall just visit all Doristas and drool for the time being. Well done !

  19. Both your breasts look great! Er, what I meant to say was, your duck breasts. Um, nevermind.

    I ordered a duck from a local, sustainable, free range farm, and it wasn't ready until today, so my post will be a bit late. But after seeing your dishes, I can't wait!

  20. Nana and Tricia, Both of your duck breasts look fabulous. They look so luscious! I'm so sad I missed this one. We were on the road traveling. However, I will be making this one soon. The rave reviews have made it clear, this one is a winner!

  21. That dark tasty duck fatty skin has me goosing (if you will excuse the expression) to make this one again. And again! So glad you both loved it. I will be making a lot more of this as I just loved it.