Friday, December 24, 2010

Leek & Potato Soup A la Tricia

Like everyone else, Nana and I have been particularly busy this holiday week.  Nana is hosting the annual family "Feast of Seven Fishes" and I have been keeping my family underfed all week to attempt to make it through the amazing meal. 

For those who have not heard of it, it is a Christian meal tradition whereby 7 different fish dishes are enjoyed on Christmas Eve.  We are an Italian/French family and 100% into the tradition of this meal.  I will go into more detail next week with a recap and a few photos of the incredible feast. 

Very simple recipe - just chopping prep and standard ingredients. 

I read other's posts and agreed with those who aimed for a richer version.  So my liquids were organic chicken stock and 2% milk.  It was a very rich and creamy base, but I did not feel that it was too rich - I guess the 2% milk that I had on hand might have been a good offset to the whole milk.

For now, enjoy the Potato Leek soup photos as much as we enjoyed the soup last night.  And for the record, I gave my hubby both the chunky version and then a bowl after I used my immersion mixer.  He preferred chunky (too late ;).  Both sons agreed when they later had a bowl and explained that they would have liked it more if there were "pieces of potato" in it.  I will know for next time and this dish was so simple and delicious that there WILL be a next time. 

Happy Holidays from Tricia and Nana !!


  1. I will looking for your posts on your traditional dinner! :) Glad this turned out well but I agree with your sons. I would have liked this better with chunks.

  2. Your soup looks fantastic! I used a food mill to add a little texture but still left chunks of potato and found it was perfect.

  3. Your soup looks fantastic. I will try this the next time as you did...

  4. I forgot to note about the photos- I only got great shots up to it cooking in the pot a few minutes. I hastily ladeled up and took a couple of shots in a white soup crock (can you see where this is going ;) but they unfortunately did not turn out at all. For a note, the finished soup was much more subdued in color. Thx-

  5. Tricia, your soup looks great! My boys totally prefer it chunky too...must be a boy thing! Merry Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading your post about your Feast of 7 Fishes Dinner!!

  6. Yuuuuuummm!!!! I would love a bowl right about now!! Hope you are staying warm, we had 6" of snow last night, but since we were expecting 18 I have no complaints!!

    Thank you for your wonderful comments Tricia! I am honored that my blog is your guilty pleasure!! I was absolutely thrilled that the dog rescue post prompted you to donate- just hearing that was my Xmas present!! Thank you from all the dogs you will be helping!

    I wish you a very healthy, happy new year!