Friday, November 19, 2010

Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flan and Gougeres

This week was Nana's turn to pick a November recipe and she selected the Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flan while Tricia went back to a missed October one to try the Gougeres. 

Nana's Pumpkin Gorgonzola Flan~

 Per Nana:   I found the pumpkin flavor much too bland and thought if I had used a can of the spiced pumpkin, as for pie, perhaps it would have had a more positive result.  

(Before baking)
The recipe was very simple to make, and looked quite elegant when being served, but it wasn't to my taste and my hubby simply did not care for it. 

(all done)

 I was surprised that Tricia liked it at all, since she is not a fan of Gorgonzola and was afraid to even try it.  Her husband was the real winner and liked it very much .....and we promptly awarded him the left overs."

Tricia's Gougeres ~

 Per Tricia -
 I thought I would love this recipe and it didn't disappoint.  I used Gruyere cheese which I am lucky to find in our local "Wegman's" and it comes in a thickly grated package in their specialty cheese area.  I have become quite familiar with this area of the store with the recent FFWD recipes !

Easy as anything- the only potential problem....and I thought about it the minute I read the recipe....was that you preheat the oven but then have to remember to IMMEDIATELY lower the temperature again when you actually put the Gougeres in.  I wondered if I would forget and sure enough, I did for a few minutes.  They had a good 6 minutes before I panicked and opened the door to make sure it cooled down quickly and they still managed to come out looking beautiful. 

And the kitchen smelled fantastic, as usual with the FFWD recipes.  I loved them and will refrain from posting how many I ate in one sitting.  I did share them and took some (hot out of the oven) next door for Nana and Grandpa to taste test.  They were in agreement that these were simply lovely. 

 Next time we definitely have to coordinate drinks with these- they are made for it, as indicated by Dorie in the book.  Another winner !


  1. Your flans look lovely, but I agree with you that they are lacking in flavor...they just need that pumpkin pie spice flavor. And sweet something. And mine needed more salt. The flavor does not match their beauty.

  2. I love reading your dual posts - it's interesting to see how each of you approach things. Both recipes look like they turned out well, even if the flans weren't to your taste.

  3. Another entertaining post! Nana...the flans weren't to popular at our house either. Tricia...the secret to grougeres (as you probably know) is to drink them with champagne. That way, you don't remember how many you ate!!!